Folgen. Alfred Mertins. University of Lübeck M Doneva, P Börnert, H Eggers, C Stehning, J Sénégas, A Mertins. Magnetic Signaltheorie. A Mertins. Teubner. Alfred Mertins’s research works with citations and reads, Alfred Mertins has expertise in Social Science and Anthropology. Signaltheorie. Applications. Alfred Mertins @B.G. Teubner Stuttgart , Mertins, Signaltheorie .. I produced the first lecture notes for courses on signal theory and linear.

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Alfred Mertins received the Alfrex. From to he was with the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, from to with the Microelectronics Applications Center Hamburg, Germany, from to with the University of Kiel, Germany, from to with the University of Western Australia, and from to with the University of Wollongong, Australia.

His research interests include speech, audio, image and video processing, wavelets and filter banks, and digital communications.

Springer, New York, Institute for Signal Processing Tel: List of Publications sorted by year. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the Acoustical Society of America.

Audio, Speech, and Language Processingvol. Graphical stochastic models for tracking applications with variational message passing inference in Proc. Joint time- and frequency-domain reshaping of room signaltheorke responses in Proc.

Accelerated nonlinear Gaussianization for feature extraction in Proc. A new clustering approach for solving the permutation problem in convolutive blind source separation in Proc. Sigbaltheorie representations and invariant sequence-feature extraction for event detection in Proc. Segmentation of retinal vessels with a hysteresis binary-classification paradigm Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphicsvol.

Robust retina-based person authentication using the sparse classifier in Proc. Audio, Merfins, and Signal Processingpp. This contribution discusses a combined system of a two-stage AEC filter and an LRC filter to remove reverberation introduced by the listening room.

An inner AEC is used to achieve initial echo reduction and to perform system identification needed for the LRC filter. An additional outer AEC is used to further reduce the acoustic echoes. However, alfredd equalization may be imperfect due to channel estimation errors in periods of convergence and due to the so-called tail-effect of AEC, i. Robust core-point-ROI based fingerprint identification using a sparse classifier in Proc. Parameter Calibration of a novel super-resolution model for a compressed-sensing measurement setup in Proc.

Multi image super resolution using compressed sensing in Proc. Contextual invariant-integration features for improved speaker-independent speech recognition Speech Communicationvol. The invariant-integration features are derived from sihnaltheorie extended time period, and their computation has a very alfrrd complexity.

Recognition experiments show a superior performance of the presented feature type compared to cepstral coefficients using a mel filterbank MFCCs or a gammatone alfrdd GTCCs in matching as well as in mismatching training-testing conditions. Even without any speaker adaptation, the presented features yield accuracies that are larger than for MFCCs combined with vocal tract length normalization VTLN in matching training-test conditions.


Also, it is shown that the invariant-integration features IIFs can be successfully combined with additional speaker-adaptation methods to further increase the accuracy.

Alfred Mertins: ISIP

European Signal Processing Conferencepp. Partial Fourier Compressed Sensing in Proc. Recently, so-called invariant integration features were presented which are motivated by the theory of invariants.

This work investigates the combination of the integration features with standard speaker-normalization and -adaptation methods. We show that the integration features benefit from adaptation methods sugnaltheorie significantly outperform MFCCs in matching, as well as in mismatching training-test conditions. Towards faster transmit coil sensitivity mapping in Proc. An LDA-based relative hysteresis classifier with application to segmentation of retinal vessels in Proc.

The special case of vessel segmentation is characterized by a strong disproportion between the number of representatives of each class i. These difficulties can be solved using problem-specific knowledge. The proposed hysteresis classification makes use of such knowledge in an efficient way. We describe a novel, supervised, hysteresisbased classification method that we apply to the segmentation of retina photographies. This procedure is fast and achieves results that comparable or even superior to other hysteresis methods and, for the problem of retina vessel segmentation, to known dedicated methods on similar data sets.

A novel approach of initializing region-based active contours in noisy images by means of higher order statistics and dissimilarity in Int. Video-based measuring of quality parameters for tricuspid xenograft heart-valve implants IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineeringvol. Using the scaling ambiguity for filter shortening in convolutive blind source separation in Alfded. Supervised, hysteresis-based segmentation of retinal images using the linear-classifier percentile in Medizinische Bildverarbeitung mertinx Mustererkennung GI Jahrestagungvol.

Super resolution of time-of-flight depth images under consideration of spatially varying noise variance in 16th IEEE Int. Wireless Communicationsvol. Room impulse response shortening with infinity-norm optimization in Proc. Invariant-integration method for robust feature extraction in speaker-independent speech recognition in Proc. InterspeechBrighton, Sept. Fast relaxation parameter mapping from undersampled data in Proc. Analysis and design of gammatone signal models The Journal of the Acoustical Society of Americavol.

Accelerated MR parameter mapping using compressed sensing with model-based sparsifying transform in Proc. A point-event detection algorithm for the analysis of contrast bolus in fluoroscopic images of the coronary arteries in Proc. Recent work suggests that by means of transcranial sonography TCS it is possible to determine the formation of monogenic forms of parkinsonism at a very early state.

At present, this pattern is manually segmented and the region size is used as an early PD indicator. In order to remove investigator dependence inherent to manual segmentation, we develop and validate semi-automatic features to mertuns as risk factors for PD manifestation. We show in a clinical study that some of the features correlate significantly with the presence of specific genetic mutations causing PD.


Signal Analysis: Wavelets, Filter Banks, Time-Frequency Transforms and Applications

Sparse gammatone signal model optimized metrins English speech does not match the human auditory filters Brain Researchvol. Asilomar Conference signaltehorie Signals, Systems, and Computerspp. Davies and Christopher J. James and Samer A. Multiresolution video object extraction fitted to scalable wavelet-based object coding IET Image Processingvol.

Automatic speech recognition and speech variability: Reducing reverberation effects in convolutive blind source separation in Proc. Speech and Signal Processingvol. Signal Processingvol.

Impact of variabilities on speech recognition in Proc. De Mori and O. Dupont and and D. Asilomar Conference on Signals Systems and Computerspp. Audio Speech and Language Processingvol. Automatic speech recognition and intrinsic speech variation in Proc. A study of auditory-filterbank based preprocessing for the generation of Warping-Invariant Features in Proc. Time domain blind separation of nonstationary convolutively alvred.

In Signal Processing for Telecommunications and Series: Systems and Humansvol. Interspeechpp. Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun. PIMRCvol. Mertins and Sarah A.

An object-based highly scalable image coding for efficient multimedia distribution. A generalized algorithm for the generation of correlated Rayleigh fading envelopes in radio channels in Proc. A generalized algorithm for the generation of correlated Rayleigh fading envelopes in Proc. Akhlaghian Tab and G. The effect of imperfect carrier recovery on the performance of the antenna selection technique in wireless channels utilizing DSTM in Proc.

European Signal Processing Conferencevol. Multi-modulation schemes to increase the rate of space-time block codes in rayleigh fading channels in Proc.

Integration of DFT and cosine-modulated filter banks with blind separation of convolutively mixed non-stationary sources in Proc.

Flexible, highly scalable, object-based wavelet image compression algorithm for network applications IEE Proceedings Vision, Image and Signal Processingvol.

Error-resilient transmission of waveform signals using overcomplete expansions and soft-input source decoding in Proc. Document image analysis and verification using cursive signature in Proc. Cursive signature extraction and verification in Proc. Blind source separation of nonstationary convolutively mixed signals in the subband domain in Proc.

Signature-Based Document Retrieval in Proc. VV, reprinted in Proc. Improved antenna selection technique to enhance the performance of wireless communications channels in Proc. Image recovery from noisy transmission using soft bits and Markov random field models Optical Engineeringvol. Fully Scalable texture coding of arbitrarily shaped video objects in Proc.