Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha Dear Ganapathiji, Could you please tell us more about the Amnaya Stotram and Tripura Sundari sthawarajam. One of the frequently asked questions is – which among the several AmnAya mantras does a shrIvidyopAsaka recite every day? AmnAya. I will post the summary, as I did for the dvAraka maTha, for the other three AmnAya maTha-s. May be scholars like shrI Charles Wikner*, can.

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Explanation of the dhyana sloka – This refers to one’s own guru shrinAthaparama guru and parameshthi guru. A work, Sivarahasyaan Itihasa comprising more than fifty thousand verses published in Kannada script with Kannada translation as Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Granthamala Series, Volume 21, No.

The weight of probability belongs to the first view.

Amnaya Stotram

There is a Siva temple in Kanchi called Vyasa Srantasraya. Preceptors of Advaita – Other Parts:. Consecrating the same in the temple and made arrangements for an institution there with a line of succession for her worship. All that tradition says is that he came to Kedarnath and in the modern phraseology disappeared thereafter. In that Puja – krama it is said that a copy of the Anandagiri – Sankaravijaya in the Ramataraka MuttVaranasi, said to have been copied in Sakai.

About Tirukkalvanurthe Tirthanka says at page The Guruvamsa – kavyawhile referring to the last days of Sri Sankaracharya says: Sri SankaracharyaSri Prithvidharacharya and Sri Vidyaranyaall these immortal sages have chosen Kanchithe Southern-most mokshapuri as their last resort.

In the same way, the kshetraRamesvaram one of the chardhams and the deviKamakshi at Kanchithe mokshapuri make one Amnaya institution. These Amnayas give information about the various Sankaraite institutions for the Western, Northern, Eastern, Southern and other super-regions Urdhvamnayaetc.

The temples of these two gods are at a distance of three and four miles respectively from Mahur town situated on two different mountains. The author in the beginning of the work refers to Kamakshi as having blessed his Parameshthiguru with prasada in which milk and ghee were found in abundance and which was cherished by the celestials. Thus an accidental event led to the establishment of an institution on the banks of the Tungabhadra with the sannidhya of Sarasvani as Saradaa fifth name apart from the four saktisBhadrakaliPurnagiriVimala and Kamakshi as enumerated in the Dvaraka Puri and other Amnaya texts.


The institution should have been either at Ramesvaram or Kanyakumari.

I have put in some of the thoughts that occurred to me on the perusal of the various works read by me. It may be noted here that Adivaraha is the Perumal of Tirukkalvanurone of the hundred and eight divya – desas of the Sotramsung by the Vaishnavite Alvars.

Thank you for your patience. There is also a Sankaraite institution further south in Kanchi. Neither of these contained any reference to Sri Kamakshi.

Preceptors of Advaita

The only conclusion that can be drawn from what is stated above is either that the two SankaravijayasMadhaviya and Chidvilasiya, did not stltram at the time of the composition of the Guruvamsa – kavyaor that the authorities of the matha on the banks of the Tunga were not aware of the existence of the above two works, while directing the composition of the Guruvamsa – kavya. It is requested that scholars who happen to read this may excuse me for any lapses and help me with their suggestions, if any.

In the Lalita – ashtottara she is described as Kamakoti – mahapadma – pithastha. Page load depends on your network speed.

Chandramaulisvara – Kamakshi is the sakti Sivasakti of Paramesvara. The Parayana of TripuraSundari sthawarajam. Do the Lalitha thrishathi archana amnayz. It is said that from the five faces of Sri Parameshwara aghora, tatpurusha, vAmadeva, sadyojaAta, IshAnathe five Amnayas with their various mantras originated.

How to account for this discrepancy?

Amnaya Stotram ( By Shiva ) –

Lalitha Sahasranama Parayana or do the Archana. But the present popular Sringeri also bearing the same epithet is not on the banks of the Tungabhadra but is on the banks of the Tunga. In addition to Kanchi being referred to as the spiritual centre of the world in different stotrzm texts, it may also be deemed to be the geographical centre of the astika world mentioned above.


But now we see that there is stotramm Sankaraite institution on the banks of the Tungabhadra Sringeri in the North-West of the Southern region. Therein I came across the verse aisvaryam indumauleh aikatmyaprakritikanchimadhyagatam, aindavakisorasekharam amnaay chakastinigamanam. Stoyram is not only the centre of Dakshinamnaya by being the seat of Sri Kamakshithe Amnaya – saktiit is also the central point of the earth according to the works, Kanchi – mahatmyaKamakshivilasa and Merutantra.

Mishra at the Balabhadra Press, Puri, in2 Un – published Upanishadsprinted and published by the Adyar Library in the year and 3 Sankara – granthavali in Bengali script published by Rajendranath Ghosh. The devotees assemble for puja of Jagadamba and Dattatreya on Margasirsha – suddha – paurnami and also for puja of Jagadamba on Chaitra – suddha – paurnami.

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram | RadioWeb Bhakti

Sri Sankaracharya seems to have graced Kanchipuri at the end of his career on the earth, not only on account of its being consecrated as the seat of the devi of Dakshinamnaya but also on account of its being the centre of the earth itself for the spiritual regeneration of which he incarnated.

As you are aware that every Devi Upasaka’s minimum spiritual routine consists of apart from his nithya karmas and manthra japa — Chanting of the following everyday 1. It was but apt that Prithvidhara was placed in charge of the institution of that place as mentioned in the DvarakaPuri and other Mathamnayas. I then came across a small booklet Yati – sandhya in Devanagari script published by the Dvaraka – pitha in the year Vikrama Saka ,