Caparol Amphibolin – Emission-minimised, solvent-free, universal paint of the latest generation. For exterior and interior use. Shop Caparol Amphibolin W Universal Facade Paint L White. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. OFERTA – Caparol – Farby – Farby elewacyjne – Farby dyspersyjne – PRODUCENCI – Amphibolin – uniwersalna farba do fasad i powierzchni wewnętrznych.

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Cracks in Exterior Renders or Concrete: Keep in a cool, but frost-free place. Coat without any pre-treatment. Repairs must have adequate time to cure and dry. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

More info Field of Application. Prime and strengthen soft gypsum areas repairs with Caparol-Tiefgrund TB. Particularly suitable for highly stressed coatings on Capaver glass fibre wall coverings and outstandingly suitable for dimly-lit halls, corridors, staircases, storerooms, workshops and underground car parks, due to a high light reflectance value.

Possibly a second finishing coat may be necessary. Surface type Smooth Porous. Always use tinted paint of same batch, when applying on seamless surfaces. Coloured coatings on galvanised surfaces may cause white efflorescence at higher humidity.

Allow the substrate to dry well and prime with Dupa-grund. Concrete surfaces with deposits of dirt or fines layer must be cleaned, either mechanically or by using high-pressure water jet, in compliance with the regulations. In case of moist weather conditions rain, dew, fog yellowish transparent traces of additives, showing a slightly glossy shine and stickiness, may occur on the surface of compact, cool substrates or by means of delayed drying caused by the weather.


It is therefore advisable to apply a first coat in a similar hiding pastel tint, based on white.


Prime ampuibolin porous, sanding or absorbent surfaces with OptiGrund or CapaSol. Maximum particle grit size. Prime highly absorbent, sanding surfaces with Dupa-grund. On roughly textured exterior substrates the use of matt exterior Caparol paints e. Check tinted product prior to the application to avoid colour deviation. Substrate Preparation Exterior Surfaces: Heavy-duty, scrub resistant, texture preserving interior paint.

Caparol Amphibolin

The quality of the dried coating will not be affected by these changes. If paint stripper is used, clean the surface with a high-pressure steam jet in compliance ampibolin the regulations and allow to dry well. The special amphiboin reduces the writing effect for tinted paint coatings. First or Intermediate Coat: Wood and Derived Timber Products: Silicone containing coil coatings cannot be coated. Repair small defects in mineral substrates with fine filler Caparol-Fassaden-Feinspachtel, deeper damages up to 20 mm preferably with filler Histolith-Renovierspachtel and prime repaired areas subsequently.


Karta informacyjno – techniczna Atest higieniczny Technische informatie Veiligheidsfiche Technische Information.

Wash tropical, grease containing wood with nitro thinner. Matt, slightly absorbent coatings can be treated without a preliminary preparation. The special formula reduces the writing effect stress whitening for tinted paint coatings. Coating of such surfaces must be considered a risk for which we cannot accept responsibility application without guaranteesince even after the most thorough treatment the efflorescence may recur.

Karta informacyjno – techniczna Atest higieniczny Technische informatie Veiligheidsfiche Technische Information. Anza designed for all products that are suitable handle-extenders. Prime free-standing boards on both sides as well as on all edges. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using the product. Water vapour permeability sd-value.

We will send the goods in working days. Prime with a 1: Compare the shades of colors to the catalog or samples, because the shade shown on the screen may differ from the real shade of the paint!