Image of Anadara tuberculosa (G. B. Sowerby I, ). Anadara tuberculosa Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial (CC BY-NC ). To determine extreme and optimum temperature and salinity for growth in the mangrove cockle Anadara tuberculosa, we measured the scope. 1Universidad de Nariño, Facultad de Ciencias Pecuarias, Departamento de Recursos Hidrobiológicos, Programa de Ingeniería en Producción Acuícola.

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The studied populations are not structured and although there is a decrease of natural banks, the genetic diversity is high.

Rev Biol Trop ; 60 1: The result of a long term serial passage experiment? La Anadxra y BV: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, The samples were placed in absolute alcohol previously arranged in individual 1. Marine conservation in Chile: On the other hand, the analysis by populations pairs showed no differences between pairs of islands: A total of En el caso de A.

Multilocus sequence evaluation for differentiating species of the trematode Family Gastrothylacidae, with a note on the utility of mitochondrial COI motifs in species identification. Population dynamics and fisheries potential of Anadara tuberculosa Bivalvia: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Estimation of Anadara tuberculosa genetic diversity in five mangroves from Tumaco, using Cytochrome oxidase I enzyme. Las especies de piangua Anadara tuberculosa Sowerby y A. Serie libros rojos de especies amenazadas de Colombia.


Pustulose Ark (Anadara tuberculosa) – Shell Valve External View

On the other hand, the analysis of the distribution between pairs of sequences Mismatch distribution performed in the five islands under study as a whole, showed a unimodal distribution as shown in Figure 1.

The haplotype and nucleotide diversity was estimated with the DnaSp5 program. The results obtained in this study, using the COI gene as genetic marker, are the first reports on the genetic diversity for A. The dotted line red represents the observed distribution. Similarly, this declining trend in genetic diversity may be related to the discharge of large volumes of waste into mangroves, the high water temperatures reported and oil pollution.

Los productos de PCR amplificados y cuantificados se secuenciaron por ambos lados Macrogen. Computing the uniform component of shape variation.

The analysis for each population shows only a unimodal distribution for La Tiburonera, and for the other populations San Jorge, El Pajal, La Playa and Bajito Vaqueria the distribution is multimodal, suggesting that these populations are unequal and stationary.

A case study from the western Indian Ocean.

In this way, the existence of a genetic population is inferred as in the observations made in other countries 18 Similarly, the nucleotide diversity reported in general was low for all the islands and equal to 0. According to the results of the phylogeny, it is possible to observe the formation of heterogeneous groups of individuals from different mangrove islands, asserting that genetic differences between individuals from each island are not explained by geographic distance.


Borem A, Fritsche-Neto R. Contrarily, centroide size showed significant variation in organism collected in different zones. A total of positions were found in the final data set. How to cite this article. The mean nucleotide difference k was 5. The haplotypical diversity reported for all the populations was high 0. Each one of the obtained sequences was edited and aligned.

Pustulose Ark (Anadara tuberculosa) – Shell Valve External View

Abundance and morphometry of Anadara-tuberculosa and Anadara-similis Mollusca: Rev Biol Trop ; 62 2: Zhaxybayeva O, Gogarten P. Como ejemplo se puede mencionar el trabajo de Sousa et al.

Pacific Ocean current might favor the genetic flux of organisms of both species, limiting the possibility of evolution of independent populations. The amplified and quantified products of PCR were sequenced on both sides Aadara. The PCR products showed a molecular size of bp.