Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to angolrahangolva! I’m here in England and I have a very good friend here, Claire Claire: Hi! Tünde: So, Claire, how are you today?. Tünde: Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva again! I’m here with a very good friend of mine, Ivan, he’s from Bulgaria. So how are you tonight? Ivan: Ahh, I’m. Check out Angolra Hangolva by Kolibri Színház on Amazon Music. Stream ad- free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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Hi guys, welcome to Angolrahangolva! So how are you doing? So we are in England and i would like to ask some personal questions from Archie. So, first of all would you tell us your age please?

So hagnolva do you spend your free time? How often do you play football? Ehmm… I play some professional, so… I play every week. And basically do you have some pitch nearby? I play it for a team in London. In London… And how far is London from here? And what do you think about pub crawls? From the start to finish. Yeah, definitely my cup of tea. Ehhh… definitely up for pub crawl. It gets me too much of a beer belly. Which is you favourite cider?

Angolra Hangolva by Kolibri Színház on Amazon Music –

I love that too, so… Archie: Do you have a specific flavour that you prefer? Just the original, really. I love the strawberry with lemon or raspberry with lemon version. Okay, so, anything else that you do in your free time?

How old are they? It takes a lot to look after sometimes. What do you think as a young … about that? English is used literally everywhere. Good, thank you so much Archie! Thank you, take care! Have a good day, take care!


Thank you, see you! If you want to have a drink or some food, hangolvz go sngolra the pub. If you want to hangilva up with your mates, you go to the pub! If you ask me, from wherever you start, you end up in the pub, it’s the cornerstone of our social life! Hi guys, welcome to Angolra Hangolva! I am here in England, in a pub, in ehh… Hungry Horse, with Sam. How are you today? So, could you please tell us something about pub life nowadays? Is it ahh… busy? You know, football, hanoglva, tennis… especially with all the TVs on all around the bar.

Were there many couples around in the pub? What are the most typical English foods, pub foods? Ahh… mainly beef burgers. What type of drink do they prefer? I mean most of the people. Could you please explain what kind of drink is that? There are some specific flavours… Sam: Yes, which flavour is the most preferred? Sam; Ahhh, mixed fruit. Mixed fruit, strawberry, lime, raspberry. More of the fruity ones.

What would you recommend to my students, why is it important to speak English, what do you reckon? Do you think so? Thank you very much Angorla.

I appreciate and take care! Have a lovely day! We are in Windsor with hangolfa very nice people… hangolv guys, how are you today? Very well, thank you.

So, basically how is it to be in Anolra What angilra your feelings about that? To be in a historic place? Looking at the history… and this is our history… right now! So, is it your first time to be hamgolva The queue is pretty long, so… Yeah. You will see that. Do you know something, whether the queen is here today? Have you seen the flag? And, where are you from? We live in the Midlands. Are you tourists now here? Eh, I think it is worth visiting England so much. What do you reckon though, which are the most important sights around, what would you recommend?


Getting on the London Eye… Yeah. Yeah… Places like that in London. I think I was gonna say, go to Preston! Are they good at football?

City which is a bit further down and Liverpool is quite close. Could we just have a very last question? What would you recommend to my students, why is it important to speak English? I told you guys! Thank you so much! Take care and have fun here in Windsor. Have a nice time as well. Interview video 7 — Taxi.

Hi guys, welcome to Angolra hangolva! So how are you today?

Interjúk hallott szövegértés fejlesztésére

So how long have you been a driver? And how do you feel about that? Quite happy, nice and easy job, relaxing, you can take time off whenever you want. So, are you a self-employed? And how long have you been in England? And how is the traffic in England?

Does it have some rush hours sometimes? But generally in Windsor there is not much traffic. Yeah, in Windsor we have nightclubs, pubs and people from all over the place come like Camberley, London, Brighton, they come in hangklva we have eh… special functions eh.

Video 6 szószedet – Angolra Hangolva

Yeah, I heard about that. Yangolva basically do you work nigh time as well then? What would you recommend to my students, why is it important to speak English very well? You can go anywhere.

Thank you so much. That was so kind of you.