A Brief History of Anma In Japanese, Anma refers to massage or massage practitioner. It is the oldest known form of traditional Asian massage which is believed. Learn about the many benefits of anma massage therapy and where to find an anma massage therapist. INTRODUCTION: Anma therapy is a traditional style of Japanese massage, one of touch and manual therapies, and one of the most popular CAM therapies in.

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It originally was used to warm the body when it became cold from the climate, then it was discovered that aches and pains could be alleviated as well. Over many years and after many trials, the practitioners learned which specific areas were the best to manipulate to promote health.

Anma – Traditional Japanese Massage

With the unification of China during the Han Dynasty, an effort was made to systemize and combine the various healing arts, such as Moxibustion, Acupuncture, and Herbalism, which had been developed in other parts of China. It was during this time that Anma came to Japan. Anma is one of the oldest forms of massage in the world and the first massage method recorded in written form that still exists today.

It is unknown exactly how long ago Anma began to be practiced but it is likely at least 5, years and it may even go back as far as 10, years. Anma became a written system of massage and treatment over 2, years ago. By tracing the history of other forms of massage, it is shown that Anma is the origin for many methods, such as Shiatsu, Swedish massage, and Tui-na.


Anma has influenced forms of massage and health care throughout the world for at least 2, years. During the fifth century, monks travelled from China to Japan bringing their religion and medical knowledge with them. Over many years, this knowledge disseminated throughout the countryside and began to be widely accepted.

Shiatsu developed as an nama from Anma. While both involve rubbing, rotating, kneading and other similar therapies, Shiatsu uses much more pressure as part of its therapeutic technique.

Effects of Anma therapy (traditional Japanese massage) on body and mind.

Hence the Shiatsu practitioner will tend to use both Anma and Shiatsu techniques while the Anma practitioner will use only Anma techniques. It is very common in Japan for people to hire Anma practitioners, just as in the West it is common for people to see massage therapists. Many of the Anma practitioners in Japan are blind. Anmo-Anma is the foundation of all East Asian medicine, is the oldest known method of Eat Asian medicine and currently exists in Japan, China and Korea.

It was brought to Japan in the massafe Century from China through Korea. As a Japanese massage therapy, annma has developed unique properties and treatments from its Chinese and Korean counterparts.

Professional and de-stressing Shiatsu… – Asahido Massage Therapy Clinic

Some of you may be familiar with concepts contained herein, while some of you may be novices to massage. Briefly, Anma is a small part of the traditional East Asian medicine, along side of other more familiar aspects such as acupuncture, moxibustion or Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine. Anma is the traditional East Asian hand manipulation therapy, similar to massage.


Shiatsu grew out of Anma therapy and has had several addictions, which make it a separate, but related ama.

There are three methods of massage regulated and approved by the Department of Health and Welfare in Japan today: Anma, Massage Western style oil massageand Shiatsu. Anma is the oldest and most popular of the three forms of bodywork. Western massage was introduced to Japan over a century ago and Shiatsu was created early this century.

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