AscTec Professional. Line. AscTec Navigator. Manual Two for the current. AscTec Trinity flight controller, and one for the predecessor AscTec Autopilot. J├╝rgen Sturm. Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots. 9 downloads/manuals/AscTec-Autopilot-Manual-vpdf. Gyroscopes (3x single. Dear Asctec I have a question about flying the Pelican in GPS mode. assets/ Downloads/Manuals/AscTec-Autopilot-Manual-vpdf ( MB).

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If your UAV is new, this is our default connection and you do not need to change anything. In the event of unexpected behavior you can always use the RC to take over control. Manua, the new “System Info” window click on “Update Information”. Find the following lines: You can find the correct IDs on the image below. Do not worry, your camera mount option 4 is autopjlot broken, you can control it by using the AscTec SDK and writing your own code.

GPS mode behavior Identical behavior has been been observed here on multiple occasions. But one manuall it happened during the take-off one motor had reduced thrust.

The helicopter would go on height control mode then, which would explain the behavior. You should now see all the status information of the UAV In the “Packets” field you may select to receive more info packets e. Motor Controller Update It is highly recommended to perform a motor controller update with the Research Upgrade Tool after all IDs have been assigned properly.

Free forum by Nabble. In this case, the safety pilot can always recover by switching to height controlled or manual mode, but we understand that this behavior needs to be prevented in the first place. Always take off and land manually. Open your favourite image manipulation program e.

User Manual – AscTec Research – Ascending Technologies Customer Wiki

Two weeks ago I broke two rotors crashlanding the Pelican to stop it from running away in a GPS mode. For this example we will name it “example. Go back to Google Maps and click on the locations where the corners of your cropped image are. From what I understand, GPS location can occasionally jump s of meters. You can now load the image into the AutoPilot Control software. However, after analyzing the problem further we found out that the u-blox GPS receivers used on the AscTec Hummingbird and AscTec Pelican can get in trouble when using SBAS services, which have mxnual cleared for regular operation earlier manhal year.


We will then inform you on our homepage about possibilities how to get the update. In reply to this post by kjackson Manuak there. Go to Google Maps and go to the area of your interest Click on the lower left to select “Earth” mode Take a screenshot of the maps.

The window also displays further information, like your current software version of the low-level and high-level processor. Mostly it could be fixed by switching back to “normal” mode and control the UAS manually. Connect your flight system as described above and click on “System Info” in the menu bar. Now you need to georeference the image, therefore, we need the GPS position of the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the image. Yesterday we flew the Pelican in GPS mode, and after a manuwl minutes of stable flight, all of a sudden it started going in a direction, even when i took my hands off the RC controller.

This will not work. You can download it here.

I don’t remember exactly what caused it, but it had to do with a GPS indexing issue, and required a firmware upgrade from AscTec. Using these services, in some situations the velocity measurements read from the GPS receiver, which are then used for the internal data fusion and position control, can be way off, which results in the vehicle shooting away. Find line line in unedited main. To fix this problem we have built a default firmware for the HL processor which reconfigures the GPS receiver, so that the problem is solved directly on-board the GPS unit.


I am trying to see whether the GPS connector might be loose, but it’s difficult to know since I can’t reproduce this behaviour deterministically.


Open your favourite text editor and insert the following: Do not use a “final ssctec with a height of 0m for landing. Does Pelican autopilot do any kind of flitering to mitigate this problem? In a panic, I had to then try to suddenly land the quad-rotor, which lead to a minor crash. Saturday, August 27, Skip to end of metadata. Yes, this is possible. This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

This description referes to Windows and Irfan View You may choose to crop the image to remove the window menus and the Google Maps overlays. Jos On 29 August Sutopilot is highly recommended to perform a motor controller update with the Research Upgrade Tool after all IDs have been assigned properly.

It was never intended to be used with the camera mount option 4. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

Hi, did you maybe loose GPS signal for some reason? Best, Jos On 26 August Creating a Georeferenced Image Creating a georeferenced image with e. Identical behavior has been been observed here on multiple occasions.

You find it here: Google Maps is quite easy.