Before reading Autobiography of a Face, I’d only read one thing by Lucy Grealy. It was “The Country of Childhood” from her As Seen on TV. Lucinda Margaret Grealy (June 3, – December 18, ) was an Irish- American poet and memoirist who wrote Autobiography of a Face in Autobiography of a Face is a memoir written by award-winning poet Lucy Grealy. It describes her childhood struggles with jaw cancer and the resulting.

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Jul 24, Will Byrnes rated it liked it Shelves: I listened to Patchett read the audio version; she’s a great reader as well as autobjography Ann Patchett’s memoir “Truth and Beauty. Could you drop by the waiting room and see if you can do anything for them? What a deep loss. The taunts from her classmates and stares from strangers were a different sort of suffering.

As you might guess, I have no real answers to these questions. Especially in the early days of her cancer struggles, she writes a lot about loving and craving the attention from doctors and other people in the hospital.

A woman going through an ordeal like this and xutobiography it seems standard material for a memoir. Another, which many of us have attempted to use, was to reflect on how many there are who are enduring worse. She reminded me that she was on a very limited budget.

I too, faced many childhood facial surgeries, though not for something as vicious as cancer. This is a true augobiography and worth the read. Customers who bought this item also bought. The magazine had used a photograph of Lucy on the cover, and for a week Sarah, working in Manhattan, had to walk past a huge wall of these covers by the newsagent in the lobby of her building. The Science Geek Astronomy, space and space travel for the non scientist.

Sep fzce, jo rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It’s incredible that someone who has been through as much as she can look back on these profound moments with such pure cadence and honesty. During a wig fitting for his post-chemo daughter, her father goes into a painful comedy routine which Lucy ulcy him for because she understands his awkwardness around her now. What gives a particular piquancy to Autobiography of a Face is the narration.


She loves poetry and begins not only reading but writing her own verse. The memoir was first xutobiography in One is that she fesses up to her own stuff, which always makes me trust an author or a character. But the core of our love was based in the little home we had together. Feb 22, Doneen rated it really liked it. I cooked what we referred to as Lucy-Food, a steady diet of things that did not have to be chewed, soft aitobiography and half-done pancakes.

But like “Inferno”, like “Howl’ together with “Footnote to Howl” “Autobiography of a Face” gives its readers an opportunity to experience a transcendent joy: She was the campus ahtobiography, the favorite pet in her dirty jeans and oversize Irish sweaters.

Autobiography of a Face : Lucy Grealy :

The New York Times. It had been systematically carved apart for its lufy over the years: In fact, mom and dad seem pleasant, caring, and supportive, albeit fuzzy, as characters. Particularly in the final rather rushed quarter of the book, I felt she was phoning in the events and the emotional aspects were a bit less convincing.

Each one sent me deeper into despair. I want to go back to the stoicism. The book was not at all diminished by my new perspective, if anything it was improved. Oh, the places autobiograph go as a med student The journey of a Canadian Medical Student.

People interested in the deepest questions of what it means to be human. What people want is to be seen as graceful, to be accepted, to be loved, to be appreciated. Surgery uatobiography repair her jaw proved ineffectual.

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My sister Sarah and I have been travelling too long in the land of grief, and we would like to come home, to prop our pictures on the mantelpiece and to get on with our lives. A Friendship, written after Grealy’s death, is a must-read counterpoint to Autobiography of a Face.


At first I believed that this was as it should be. Set up a giveaway.

I had moved to London while they were still at college together. Sexually Lucy was very promiscuous, obsessed with having sex to prove to herself that she could attract men, as well as addicted to heroin. The back jacket should not have promised a novel that told her story “without sentimentality”, because that’s not the same autobiograpby that I cracked open. Given that Grealy has been dead for autobiograpyy years and her memoir is 18 years old, it speaks well for her abilities as an author that the book is still read.

William Carlos Williams concluded his introduction to Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” saying something like, “Ladies and gentlemen, lift your petticoats. As if the cancer was not more than enough for one person to bear, Lucy also endured ‘care’ by a doctor who seemed completely disinterested in her care, often talking on the phone throughout his examination of her. Our conversations became surreal.

Like “Europe” or “America”, it describes a place where anything might happen. There a I am interested in writing memoir or at least creative non-fiction so I was excited to read this book. In this lyrical and strikingly candid memoir, Grealy tells her story of great suffering and remarkable strength without sentimentality and with considerable wit.

I believe the book has held up well.

Lucy Grealy — Charlie Rose

Sarah and I hugged her, trying, as we have both done all our lives, to protect her from her overwhelming despair. I recommend the book to those concerned with self-image, to readers who want to know more about what it is like to be “other” and to anyone who reads memoirs.

She gets accepted into Sarah Lawrence College and develops some true friendships.

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