The Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is the follow-up to Uniden’s premier analog mobile scanner, the manual for the radio is contained on a CD-ROM, in PDF format. DImage_/Manual/ (1 of 3)5/26/ .. This page applies to the following scanner(s): BCDXT BCT15X Uniden® and Bearcat® are registered trademarks of Uniden America Corporation. View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with You can adjust the level of the following tones: Key Beep, BearTracker Alert.

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The items below in Blue do not follow the radio’s menu order because IMHO they should be in the following order to properly setup and use the Close Call features. Private Systems – lets you flag a system so that it cannot be read out of the scanner bct15d modified only with optional software.

Off — the frequencies are not attenuated. Select from 15 sound levels, plus Auto and Off. See Max Auto Store first to set the maximum number of hits the bearat will store.

Programming A Same Group This setting determines which types of signals will trigger an alert. You may need a gender bwarcat and a null modem adapter to use a typical DB9 serial cable from the rear port.

Headphone Jack Connect headphones for private listening. Press once to delete current character when editing text.

Press MENU 3 times to return. If no programmed location is displayed ‘ OFF ‘ in the displayyou will only be able to toggle ‘Data Display’ and the current ‘Location Display’. Close Call Auto store.

Right out of the box all of the Bear Tracker features are turned on which is ridiculous if you don’t know how to turn them off.

Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual

Or, you can Quick store freqs or Quick store IDs only after you program the trunking system and site. When you use startup configuration, the scanner checks all systems, sites, and search ranges and: No until SPN is blinking then use the scroll control to select.

  ASTM D4258 PDF

You must use either the supplied antenna or an electrically correct outdoor antenna, properly and safely mounted at your chosen site. Range – Indicates the programmed distance to ,anual POI.

Easier to Read BCTX Scanner Manual

The band number will blink under the band that the hit was found in. The quick key for the system must be turned on if one is assigned to the system and not locked out to select the system to store frequencies in otherwise you will see ‘ Nothing to Scan ‘.

To select none press POL 4 times. You can manul toggle modulation for a site in scan hold mode by pressing then 9 MOD.

Top Questions for Uniden BCT15X Scanner

Radio Reference has a good webpage here: Stores location and range. Some ways you have to be quick with those keys, other ways you can take your time pressing them.

If you lose the satellite signal, you will see ‘ Searching for Satellite ‘ until the GPS unit reacquires a signal. Set End Code Motorola only sets how the scanner handles the transmission end code sent by most Motorola systems. The following table shows what options are available for various search modes. Since these size codes require multiple blocks, you will be prompted for the next available block.

You can have total channels per conventional system and up to ‘Sites’ if you have enough memory. Press to exit Menu Mode or return to the last mode.

Using the number keypad, enter a value from [0] to [2][5][5], then press Notes: To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. If there are more priority channels than the value you select, the channels are divided into more than one group and the scanner scans each group in turn. Once you have your Systems built, systems options configured, Sites Created for trunking systemsSite Options configured, and Groups Createdyou can finally program your channels.


Trunk Tracking Tone Volume Adjust — lets you select and set various tones for different purposes. Page 21 Then, by using the Clone feature or by exchanging files that you each have transferred to a computer using the Uniden Advanced Scanner Director UASD software you can install the programmed data into your scanner. Broadcast Screen these settings determine whether the scanner automatically ignores transmissions that are on common broadcasts, paging systems, and other annoyance radio sources during Custom Search, Quick Search, or Close Call Search.

Page Enter the data frequency. In that case, while in Scan mode, press and hold Func to lock function mode. Level 1 – 15 — the scanner lets you manually select one of fifteen key beep levels. Band Defaults basically, this setting allows you change the ‘ Auto ‘ values you can select while programming frequencies, searches, etc.

Organizing your quick keys will be the hardest part of the planning. Attach a suitable mounted mobile antenna to the antenna jack on the back of the scanner. Start Of Transfer 3b. You must bbearcat set the system’s record option to either ‘All Channel’ which will record all channels regardless of the channel’s record setting or ‘Marked Channel’ which only records the channels you’ve set to record.

Uniden BCT15X Scanner

Press ‘ Menu ‘ to return. Firmware Version and Serial Number allows you to view the firmware version, the serial number, and the checksum and version. So if the print is too small, go to the ‘view’ menu barcat your browser and adjust it to a bigger level or smaller if you want to see more on the screen.

Tone-Out Mode- the mode the radio is in when it’s monitoring paging tones.