Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey – “ONCE UPON A TIME” IS TIMELESS Etienne de Brabant is brokenhearted. His wife has died in childbirth, leaving him . Journey to faraway fairy tale lands with atmospheric retellings of three beloved tales. Before Midnight revisits Cinderella’s story in France, Golden puts a new. Read Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey and Mahlon F. Craft by Cameron Dokey and Mahlon F. Craft by Cameron Dokey, Mahlon F. Craft for free with a 30 day.

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Price may vary by retailer. I liked the way magic was intertwined with the daily life and presented as matter-of-fact. A long time ago, when I was in my early twenties, I read all three of these novels by Cameron Dokey. You made a wish micnight love.

Heidi February 13, at 1: Sep 28, storytimesaddness rated it liked it. I was so exited when I read that she didn’t have hair.

The stepmother and stepsisters don’t ever appear until a quarter of the book is over and the ball takes even longer to even come up.

I’m usually okay with it and expect it from Dokey but it was a bit much for me.

Beforr was fearless and would do anything for her family. He wishes to never to see her again until he can receive peace. Clean, one mild swear word.

Book Review: Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

This version is unlike any cinderella story you’ve ever read. I fell in love with Prince Jian when they first mentioned him in the book.

Rapunzel befode a bald girl who lives with a sorcress in a place far beflre from her birth home. Designed by Mahlon F. I understand that Dokey probably didn’t want her to do something horrible that would change the way Rapunzel would feel about her, but I really thought the buying of the ribbon was too gentle of a “crime”.


Along the Brandywine: Book Review // Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

I do have to admit that the three-star rating is a bit on the generous side however, for the faults of this book are many. There were only a couple things I didn’t like about the stories.

In the end, he is starting to get ready for war again when Mulan decides not to risk losing him again. Behold, another fairytale retelling!!! Sorry, that’s not how life works. This was somewhat hard of a pill to swallow, as I really loved Raoul’s character at that point, and I was almost disappointed in the ending working out the way it did. She gave life to a character that I always found somewhat too perfect in other classic versions. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Such a great reason huh? Oh, and I loved how only one stepsister was ‘evil’ and the mother was nice. Sometimes you meet someone and you KNOW they are special. Cindi’s father, a rich nobleman, returns from a journey, bringing a baby boy with him.

What brought the rating down to three for me is that the ebook was badly 3. I was thinking Pascal would be older by a bit or something, and that he and Raoul would look similar, but being twins? What a pleasant surprise for any lover of retellings of fairy tales!

Wicked is one of my favorite books and it too was a different take on the usual story. Part of Once upon a Time. From the moment she was born, she was dislike by her mother and fed by the sorceress.

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Book Review: Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

Cameron Dokey is the author of nearly thirty young adult novels. His name would be Raoul and he and Cend Extremely wary was I of this one. I enjoyed almost every moment and I’m very happy to add this collection to my collection.

I have already requested some of her other re-tellings from my local library! I have always had a soft spot for fairy tales, but they are also easy to destroy.

Years roll by and finally Cindi’s father remarries, sending his wife and two stepdaughters to the estate. I really felt that the imagery was milked for all it was worth and then some and it really got under my skin. She midnivht fine at the end of the book, but there wasn’t really believable character progression to get there. Account Options Sign in.

Once Upon a Time Fairytales Publisher: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. However, what bothered me the most was that it takes forever to get anything started. And actually, not until the last bedore of this story will you know what really happen.

This book contains three stories, all different midnoght on classic fairy tales. So, her entire childhood was through without parents. Cendrillon as a character wasn’t perfect for me.

Mar 20, Jenelle rated it really liked it Shelves: I really admire Dokey’s work! However, the author added a note, explaining her motivations – a relative suffering bffore alopecia areata a skin disease that can cause hair loss said, “Could you do a version of ‘Rapunzel’ where she doesn’t have any hair?