Beta thalassemias are a group of inherited blood disorders. They are forms of thalassemia .. to remove the excess iron. Transmission is autosomal recessive; however, dominant mutations and compound heterozygotes have been reported. Thalassemias are inherited blood disorders characterized by abnormal hemoglobin production. The severity of alpha and beta thalassemia depends on how many of the four genes for alpha globin or two genes for beta globin are missing. Beta thalassemia syndromes are a group of hereditary disorders characterized by a genetic deficiency in the synthesis of beta-globin chains. In the homozygous .

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Cord blood stem cell transplantation for haemoglobinopathies.

Hypercoagulability in non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia. Gene therapy for beta-thalassemia is particularly challenging given the requirement for massive hemoglobin production in a lineage-specific manner and the lack of selective advantage for corrected hematopoietic stem cells.

Beta thalassemia

Beta thalassemia is a hereditary disease allowing for a preventative treatment by carrier screening and prenatal diagnosis. Deferoxamine is only effective via daily injections which makes its long-term use more difficult. Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans. Feeding problems, diarrhea, irritability, recurrent bouts of fever, and progressive enlargement of the abdomen caused by splenomegaly may occur.

Individuals with thalassemia intermedia present later and have milder anemia that does not require regular treatment with blood transfusion. Megaloblastic anemia Pernicious anemia. A thorough overview of the issues involved in thalassemia prevention is provided in Heteroztgote of Thalassaemias and other Haemoglobin Disorders Volume thalassemi [ Angastiniotis et al ] and Volume 2 [ Harteveld et al ]. Amplification of a heterizygote sequence in individual human oocytes and polar bodies.


AzizBedair EM, AbdelGawad M Effects of the anti-receptoractivator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand denusomab on betathalassemia major-induced osteoporosis. Compound heterozygosity for KLF1 mutations associated with remarkable increase of fetal hemoglobin and red cell protoporphyrin.

Long-term efficacy and safety of deferasirox. Individuals with thalassemia major have severe anemia and hepatosplenomegaly; they usually come to medical attention within the first two years of life. By means of a simplified method for hfterozygote biopsy together with restriction endonuclease analysis of heterozyggote DNA, Old et al.

First reported duplication of the entire beta globin gene cluster causing an unusual sickle cell trait phenotype. From Wikipedia, the heterozygite encyclopedia. Almost beta-thalassemia alleles have now been characterized globin. He was best known for his leadership role in understanding, diagnosing, preventing, and treating thalassemia.

The efficacy of hydroxyurea treatment in individuals with thalassemia is still unclear. Department of Medical Sciences. Without treatment, affected children have severe failure to thrive and shortened life expectancy.

Beta Thalassemia –

Thapassemie contains both the instructions genes for stringing amino acids together into proteinsas well as stretches of DNA that play important roles in regulating produced protein levels. The American College heterozgyote Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends all people thinking of becoming pregnant be tested to see if they have thalassemia. The heterodimeric protein HbA is made up of two globin alpha chains and two globin beta chains.


Variant nomenclature following current guidelines has been provided. Prenatal, noninvasive and preimplantation genetic diagnosis of inherited disorders: Levin C, Koren A. Beta thalassemia major is a clinical diagnosis referring to a patient who has a severe form of the disease and requires chronic transfusions early in life.


Diagnosis of beta-thalassemia by DNA amplification in single blastomeres from mouse preimplantation embryos. Archived from the original on 4 December DNA testing is not routine, but can heterozygite diagnose thalassemia and determine carrier status.

The results were analyzed, in particular, in the consecutive patients treated since June Variations from this GeneReview in ClinVar. The major Mediterranean islands except the Balearics such as SicilySardiniaMaltaCorsicaCyprusand Crete are thalaszemie affected in particular. Greece, Italy, Spainand othersin Latin America.

The number of erythroblasts is related to the degree of anemia and is markedly increased after splenectomy. Monthly physical examination by a physician familiar with the affected individual and the disease.


It progresses to death before age Hemoglobin E HbEwhich is a thalassemic structural variant characterized by the presence of an abnormal structure as well as biosynthetic defect, should be included in this group. Cao and Galanello also reviewed the hematologic findings in the 3 forms. Beta-0 thalassemia refers to the absence of production of beta globin.