Note: If you need to download and incorporate this list into your databases and. Juvenile Fiction refers to works of children’s fiction intended for children ( ages. Subjects in this section may be used with those in other sections for reference .

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Previous articles in the series: Use subjects in this section only for individual works of humor or for collections of humor. Would adding the requested heading require extensive expansion of the list we try to keep heacings number of headings at around 3,?

BISAC Subject Headings

Select the Amazon store of your choice, then pick your preferred category. Brown, Patrick Browning, L.

It is always important to get into the right category, but it has a special importance at Amazon. I’m told nothing will be shipped when you [purchase an EBook Most ebook stores let you place your book in headinngs categories. Check your categories of choice on Amazon to see the the total number of books in that category.

Repeat two more times. Please enable JavaScript to fully utilize and enjoy our website.


BISAC Codes for Getting Into the Right Category on Amazon – PublishDrive

This article is the third in a series: Does the suggested heading describe the content of the book and not the audience, format, or language?

Are there at least unique titles from different publishers in the supply chain that would have this heading? BISAC is currently the most widely accepted classification system.

Do not use a category and its sub-category: You have to follow the same steps even if your book is not in English. The first category is the most important: But why is classification important at all? Spend time getting to know the list and discovering your options. Contact Us Sign In Register.

Kaufman, Ron Kearns, Gail M. They might leave a negative review on your otherwise amazing book.

Everybody understands the importance of knowing where to look for a book in a brick-and-mortar store. You either immediately go to the cookbooks in the basement or to the language books on the third floor: A title cannot have both a Juvenile and an Adult heading, for instance; and the same book cannot have both a Fiction and a Non-Fiction heading.

Selecting the best Amazon category It is always important to get into the right category, but it has a special importance at Amazon. After all, the point of applying a BISAC Subject Heading is to help the end user get a specific understanding of what a book is about, and General is hardly specific.


Click to Learn More activatejavascript. Ebook metadata input is not only important to keep distributors happy, but is a powerful tool to improve sales. It should not be used to describe the author. Please note that Amazon has separate bestseller lists for paid and free books. Metadata in publishing is all information about a book: Janovic, Florence Jassin, Lloyd J.

There are many ways of classifying a book. Displaying a book in very different non-fiction categories us better than displaying it in similar non-fiction categories. If somebody is expecting to read a paranormal shifting romance but gets a psychological thriller instead, they are understandably unhappy.