Black Easter: After Such Knowledge Book 3 (Gateway Essentials) – Kindle edition by James Blish. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. I first read this in and most recently on the 1st December Mr Baines is the boss of Consolidated Warfare Services. Business has. Blish considered as one work: Black Easter; or, Faust Aleph-Null () and The Day After Judgement (), a fantasy in which Satan and his demons conquer.

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Sep 25, LQ to the max! I particularly liked the descriptions of the demons, who are both chillingly evil and bizar I don’t usually go for novels about black magic, which I tend to find boring and kind of stupid, but this one is pretty good.

BLACK EASTER by James Blish | Kirkus Reviews

It’s easster page novel. Tension between white magicians who appear to have a line of communications with the unfallen host in Heaven and Ware is woven over the terms and conditions of a magical covenant that is designed to provide for observers and limitations. It’s of the era when writers packed their ideas into modestly sized novels instead of exhausting themselves or the reader in page “worlds.

Worth a read, but don’t go out of your way to find it. This will be my first Blish read, other than a couple sf shorts back in the day. The action is easrer followed by Father Garelli, a white magician working for the Church.


This page was last edited blisn 22 Decemberat Horrifying, but never less than interesting, right on down to the references to 60s technology and political attitudes.

SF Reviews Black Easter by James Blish

The author must have done a lot of background reading, and the atmosphere feels authentic. I dug Black Easter out and was quickly knocked on my ass.

The story was originally published blckbut that version did not contain the term; Blish apparently added it in eastwr rewrite done for the anthology, which was first published in Dr Theron Ware is the most powerful black magician in the world. View the earthly nexus between heaven and hell?

The assumption made here is that black magic exists and really works, allowing you to summon demons from Hell and make them do your bidding. Barnes is looking for something rather radically destructive, partly for the benefit of Consolidated Warfare Services but mostly just because he wants to. But in Black Easter Blish truly suprised me with blackk rich story full of great characters and a plot t I read this at the same time as Frank Herbert’s ‘the Heavenmakers’ and it was interesting to compare Herbert’s worst book against Blish’s best.

The test runs are cleverly thought out, and convey both the fundamental seriousness of the enterprise and the utter immorality of both parties. Readers who find magic glish in any form will be turned off by the cartoonish presence of demons and wizards as advertised so clearly on the cover, but those who are drawn to arcane incantations and perhaps a marginally veiled reincarnation of Aleister Crowley should move this book to the bliish of their reading list.


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It’s followed by Blish’s the Day After Judgment. Yet it remains Science Fiction. Aug 12, D-day rated it liked it Recommended to D-day by: Ultimately, the cosmology and theology are rendered absurd by the final sentence, a bit of a joke that wa Eh.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Baines, comes to a black magician, Theron Ware.

Black Easter; or, Faust Aleph-Null

Dec 03, Benjamin Shehu rated it liked it. I won’t give away the easster, but suffice to say that it’s both logically and emotionally consistent, and that you don’t feel cheated by the elaborate build-up.

Took me for a spin on something that was a bit outside my comfort zone.

He’s several hundred years old, having sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for more or less eternal life, and his passion is scientific knowledge. Dec eastwr, Bukk rated it liked it Shelves: One of my favorite books of all time; a science fiction writer’s take on the question “What if magic worked as described in medieval texts”?

After the war he became the science editor for the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. A disturbing tale of black magic against a background of impending nuclear war, with an extremely downbeat ending.