Familia: Viperidae Subfamilia: Crotalinae Genus: Bothrops Species: Bothrops pictus. Name[edit]. Bothrops pictus (Tschudi, ). Genus: Bothrops. Species: pictus. Common Names Desert Lancehead, Roedinger’s Lancehead. Local Names Jergona, Jergon de la Costa, Macanche . Image of Bothrops pictus. Bothrops pictus Unreviewed. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA ). Etienne Boncourt (Goodshort). Source.

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Viperidae from South America. There are rows of dorsal scales at midbody, ventral scalesand subcaudalswhich are generally divided.

Other common names include American lanceheads and American lance-headed vipers.

Multiple doses may be required. The Venomous Reptiles of Latin America. Washington, District of Columbia: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Bothrops pictus – Wikipedia

Common complications include necrosis and renal failure secondary to shock and the toxic effects of the venom. Local Effects Insufficient clinical reports to know, but possibly marked local effects; pain, severe swelling, bruising, blistering, necrosis.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Bohhrops Policy. Venom Anticoagulants Probably not present.

Taylor and Francis, printers. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Myotoxicity No case reports for this species, but related species can cause systemic myolysis. Otherwise, they may be seen on cloudy days or during periods of rain. Wiping it once with a damp cloth to remove surface venom is unlikely to do much harm pkctus good but the wound must not be massaged. LuciaLesser Antillesapparently restricted to the low elevation periphery of all but the southern third and extreme northern tip of the island.


Bothrops Wagler Best viewed in x resolution or higher. The Evolution of the Rattlesnake Rattle. pictuw

Bothrops pictus

This page was last edited on 22 Marchat General Shape Small in length, relatively stout bodied pitviper with a moderately short non-prehensile tail. Bothrops pictus Scientific classification Kingdom: Centro Nacional de Produccion de Biologicos Av. Reptarium The Reptile Database.

General Systemic Effects Variable non-specific effects which may include headache, nausea, pictua, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, dizziness, collapse or convulsions. Typical symptoms of bothropic envenomation include immediate burning pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, headache, massive swelling of the bitten extremity, hemorrhagic blebslocal necrosisbleeding from the nose and pictuss, ecchymosiserythemia, hypotensiontachycardiacoagulopathy with hypofibrinogenemia and thrombocytopeniahematemesismelenaepistaxishematuriaintracerebral hemorrhage and renal failure secondary to hypotension and bilateral cortical necrosis.

Other Insufficient clinical reports to know. Copyright ToxinologyWCH.

WCH Clinical Toxinology Resources

Treatment Summary This treatment advice is general for most Bothrops species. The arrangement of the scales on top of the head is extremely variable; the number of interorbital scales may be However, many scientists and hobbyists now restrict this name to the Martinican species, B. The bite wound should not be tampered with in any picctus. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, Volume 1.


Bothrops Wagler, Rhinocerophis Garman[1]. Bothrops is a genus of pit vipers endemic to Central and South America. Head is broad, flattened, lance shaped when viewed from above and distinct from narrow neck.

WilliamsJeff Boundy Do not use Tourniquets, cut, suck or scarify the wound or bpthrops chemicals or electric shock. Look for moderate to severe local effects, including pain, swelling, potential for fluid shifts and hypovolaemic shock, blistering, necrosis, abscess formation. The following should also be noted when reading information contained within the databases on this website: We therefore do not accept legal responsibility for use of the information provided and we require that all users use information from this site at their own risk.