b r o s u r a Admiterea in Liceu – Bucuresti · Teoria Comunicarii · Geographie du Theatre – Malte Brun · 1 CRR IP XI El Constructor · Suport Curs – Logistica. Colegiul Tehnic “Dimitrie Leonida” – sector 2 · Liceul Teoretic “Benjamin Franklin” – sector 3 · Scoala Gimnaziala nr. – sector 4 · Colegiul National de. Informaţii şi rezultate admitere la Liceul Teoretic “tudor Vladimirescu” Bucuresti: medii admitere la fiecare specializare, locuri, date contact.

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The week I spent inSloveniawas more than amazing. I made a lot of friends, true friends.

I never thought that this trip would be so educative, so much fun, beautiful and in the end so sad. I enjoyed spending time with the admiteere fromSlovenia, Spain, andTurkey. They were so friendly, and still are, because I keep talking with them.


Universitatea Bucuresti – Facultatea de Biologie

I fell in love with their school, so much space and the view is amazing. Admitege teachers were so kind to us, we were warmly received. The food was delicious, the Strukli is amazing.

I will always remember the days spent in Slovenia. The games that we played at school were a lot of fun and we became better friends, even though we came 4 th place. I loved the trips that we made with the pupils to Ljubljana, Gorenjska and Radovljica.


admitege Slovenia is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Below I am placing a few photos with our work and trips. Hope that we will meet again and remain friends! Another trip to Gorenjska.

We participated in a cooking workshop. At the games, Comenius was a strong team, with fair play, we had a lot of fun and it was great.

In the last 3 hours, we had a spring dance. We had a lot of fun, we danced, we sang and we laughed.


At the end of the dance, when we Romanian pupils had to go, we took a lot of pictures, like this one. It was so sad, we hugged and we cried. I miss you guys.


Thank you for being so friendly and generous with us, I will never forget you. Take care, and keep doing what you do now, because you do a wonderful job.

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