Title: Siemens Catalog, Author: Jesus Sandoval, Name: Siemens Catalog, Length: pages, Page: 10, Published: Interruptor Termomagnético QP 3/4″ Generalidades Todos los interruptores cuentan Número de catálogo. Interruptores Termomagnéticos Enchufables Tipo CH 3/4”. 10 . Catálogo No. de Polos Amperes Incluye Puerta Tipo de caja Catálogo No. de Polos Amperes Incluye Puerta Tipo de caja . SIEMENS* para protección de sistemas de alum-. faster and with less effort. ▫ The infeed can be operated from the top or bottom. Highlights. Answers for infrastructure. © Siemens AG

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ContentsFeatures 4Technical data 10Ordering information 12External view 14Safety components 15Internal structure 16Vacuum interrupters 17Accessories 18Drawing operations 19Electrical circuit diagram 20Internal connection diagrams 22External dimensions 24Selection tables 28Power fuse 30Power fuse selection guides 31Coordination graph 32Operation curves 34General descriptionWe have the major technology that others can not catch up. LS vacuum interrupgores provide high withstand-current strength and switching capacity as well as versatile auxiliary functions.

They can be installed in multi-stackcubicles. A vacuum contactor comprises several assemblies such as switching mechanismincluding vacuum interrupters, magnetic actuator, high strength molded frontcover and auxiliary devices. Stable and high operating cycle is executed by thevacuum interrupters made of high alumina ceramic tube which makes it possibleto degas in a high temperature with excellent mechanical strength.

Actuating is available fermomagneticos at instantaneous or continuous excitation. Functions forsafety in connecting and disconnecting are also provided.

LS Vacuum Contactors4We have the major technology that others can not catch up. Short-circuit protectionHigh performance, high reliabilityand long service lifeLS vacuum interrupters that comply cagalogo, ANSI and NEMA standards aremanufactured by the process of brazingand degasing together in a highvacuum furnace to assure high reliability.

Superior mechanical strength anddegasingProviding long service life and suited forfrequently operating purpose due tousing high alumina ceramic tube anddegasing in a high temperature.

High speed interruption and shortarcing timeIt has fast recovering characteristic ofvacuum insulation. When opening itbreaks the current at the first current-zeropoint to minimize the wearing ofcontacts. Reliable interruption of fault currentLS current limiting power fuse can protectthe devices and systems from fault currentby interrupting within half cycle.

High current such as short-circuit currentcause a fuse blown out due to thereaction on the material inside of a fusewithin such a short time. Rated short-time current 6. Short-circuit protection7Suitable for Metal CladSwitchgearThe structure of G type cradle unificationbushings and single-molded fuse-holderbarrier enables vacuum contactors tobuild Metal Clad Switchgears.

Directly withdrawable equipmentThis enables the withdrawing of avacuum contactor from a panel withoutopening a door to prevent any possibilityof electric shock. Interlock For the safety of a operator interlock isequipped as standard. Contactor over contactor arrangement[ Safety ]LS Tri-MEC vacuum contactors provide several auxiliary functions for safe and comfortable use.

Fuse ratings are selected properly after system analysis and someaccessories such as fuse termomsgneticos clips should be selected by the fuse rating. Instantaneous Lifetime Mechanical [10,operations] E: Note2 It have to be discussed with manufacturer when you applied M The automatic tripcircuit in the event of an electricity failureis to be built by a customer.

Yermomagneticos Applied direct drawout type only. Fuse caseMade of high strength BMC resin to offersuperior insulation and safety. Note Applied fuse combination type. BushingIt is mono-block bushing to be used inthe cradles of G-type drawoutcontactors. It provides high insulationlevel, so recommended to use incontactors for MCSG.


Note Applied G-Class Cradle.

Catalogo Siemens

Direct-drawout carrierIt is a screw-sliding type drawoutequipment to draw-in and draw-out acontactor directly out catalovo a panel forpersonal safety. It is built in DB and GBtype contactors.

Vacuuminterrupters are operated by means of the actuating mechanism that is connected tomovable parts of a vacuum interrupter with a insulation rod. Actuating mechanismDesigned simply without any linkage to be suited for frequent-operation and longservice life.

The actuating lever connected to a moving core of a actuating magnetthat carrys out the function of a actuating shaft moves up and down to control ijterruptores pressure for stable operations. Control methodContinuous excitation – During a contactor is closed the control coil is required to beexcited continuously to pull the moving core magnetically.

Incase of discontinuing the control power the moving core is tobe returned by a spring because of the disappearance ofmagnetic force, which causes catalogk opening of a contactor. Instantaneous excitation – Skemens this method the continuous exciting of a control coil tomaintain the closing of a contactor is not required as thelatch built in it holds the mechanism. In case of manualtripping, a contactor will be tripped by releasing the latchwhen turn on the manual trip button.

When a fault occurand interruption is required, the contacts arequickly separated. The are which is orientedbetween surfaces of contact shall diffuse atthe contact structure of flat shape. It preventslocal heating and damage. The arc interrupores inan ionized metal vapor, which condenses onthe surrounding metal shield. The arc is extinguished and vapor productionis ceased at current zero.

The metal vaporplasma is very rapidly dispersed, cooled,recombined, and deionized, and the metalvapor products are quickly condensed so thatthe contacts withstand the transient recoveryvoltage. LS vacuum interrupters consists of spiral contact, the material of which is CuCr to provide a long service cataloogo and high withstand voltage characteristic.

RatingsVoltage phenomena i Arc re-ignition ii Restrikes iii B. A micro switch is a part offuse checker.

Contactores Sirius Siemens Pdf

The mechanical input signal is changed toelectrical out signal by micro switch. Fuse clipIt is used to install or uninstall a fuse link to the holder.

Its dimensions depend on ratings. Note Refer to fuse selection table on page Position switchThis enables checking contactor positions when draw-in and draw-out. Remote checking is also possible through signaling via micro switches in eachposition. While pushing the unlock push button, insert the contactor about 50mm into thecradle.

Release the unlock push button and push the contactor into the cradle by theRUN position. When draw-out a contactor from a cradle.

Check that the contactor is in the state of open RUN Position. While pushing the unlock push button, draw the contactor about 50mm out ofthe cradle. Release intdrruptores unlock push button and pull the contactor from the cradle by theTEST position. While pushing the both sides of Interlock handle to the direction of the arrows,insert the contactor about 50mm into the cradle. Insert the drawout lever into a interrkptores as shown in the fig. While pushing theInterlock push button, swing the lever clockwise two times and release theInterlock push button.

Turning the lever clockwise until the contactor reaches in the RUN position. While inetrruptores theInterlock push button, swing the lever counterclockwise two times and releasethe Interlock push button. Turning the lever counterclockwise until the contactor reaches in the TESTposition.

Catalogo Siemens

In case of separating the contactor from the cradle pull the contactor whilepushing the both sides of Interlock handle to the direction of the arrows asshown in the fig. Note Check the power before connecting or disconnecting.


Assistance switch b contactVZa: Note4 Point line is user wiringCC: Assistance switch b contact VZa: Assistance switch a contactCTD: Assistance Switch b contact time-delayed type M: Assistance switch a contact M: Assistance switch a contact CTD: Condenser Trip unit M: The values in apply to the loads of 7.

It is assumed that the inrush current of a transformer is10 times of the full load current of a motor for 0. It is assumed that the inrush current of sieens motor is 5times of full load current for 10 seconds. In the case of using the M motor protection typefuses for the purpose of the short-circuit protection ofa motor or a starter select the proper rating inaddition refer to the characteristic curves on thecatalog to make the device protected fromoverload by a circuit breaker or a contactor.

It is assumed that the inrush current of a capacitor is71 times of its rated current termomangeticos 0. The termomagnticos mentioned comments are according toKS Korean Industrial Standard and subject to the realsituation.

For further safety and reliability the elements inside of fuses are made of silver, and highquality quartzs and and ceramic are used for magnetic rods and tubes, respectively. Considerations in applicationPower fuses are suitable for the protection from a short-circuit, Overload current will notprotected. Reset or re-use after blowing is not possible.

Fuse reset or re-use is not possible after fusedare blown out. When the fuses are selected, the inrush currents arising from the starting transformers,motors, capacitors should be considered. When the fuses are selected, their usage and circuit requirements should be considered. For the purpose of protection from the fault current below the lowest interrupting currentof the fuse it is desirable to replace it with a etrmomagneticos having lower interrupting rate or addother overcurrent relay in seriesWithstand voltage of the circuit should be higher than that of a fuse that protects it.

If possible, select the fuse whose rated current is much higher than the load current. Therated current not sufficiently exceeding the normal current of the load may causereduction in the service life. Replace all three fuses in case of blowing in a fuse.

Termomagnéticos – Electro Narvaja

General considerationsWhen the fuses are selected the sufficient rated current should be considered to avoidthe deterioration of the fuse termomagenticos due to sustained load current in the long term. The fuse rated current should be higher than the sum of all load currents. Theestimated overload current should not exceed the allowable overload withstand currentsof the equipment and the number of its events should not exceed times.

The characteristic curve of a fuse must lie to the right of those of other equipments to beprotected. The withstand strength such as permissible let-through current, It of the equipments to beprotected must be higher than that of a fuse. Coordination of permissible time limit Protection equipments in the line side Lowest interrupting current of a fuse Point B must lie to the left of the secondary short-circuit current.

Catalogo de Media y Alta Tension Documents.