A Stony Brook Student’s Guide to Using CCDSoft CCDSoft, and the reader is referred to SBIG’s manual if more information is desired. CCDSoft is a Microsoft Windows-based CCD camera control, data In addition to CCDSoft’s extensive page PDF User’s Manual. I have CCDSoft version 5 with a printed manual. I bought this recently on Astromart but found it duplicates software that I already have (Astroart, Photoshop ).

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Whether you are manually pointing your telescope using encoders, or have a fully robotic system, CCDSoft will automatically stamp your FITS images with the important information required for scientific processing of the image. Telescope Optical Tubes O The file name of the automatically saved image contains the color channel information.

Quality Our products have gained world-wide acceptance for many ccdsogt.

Histogram window contains a useful toolbar with buttons for setting the contrast. Spin buttons for quickly changing background and range values. This provides benefits that are almost unfair when compared to competing software.

CCDSoft manual download? – Software Bisque

Temperature is always displayed for both the Imager and Autoguider. Simultaneously autoguide with two cameras! You can be sure to find an answer to your question no matter how simple or difficult. Here are a few reasons. Other products by Software Bisque Similar items. CCDSoft will become the data acquisition tool for your observatory.

Additionally, free updates are available hours a day via our Downloads page. To Place an Order: Centering objects has never been easier.


The benefits of software apply to any telescope system! Multi-threaded camera kernel perform image processing, for example, while acquiring CCD images. A display capable of displaying colors or more. Scope City’s Current Promotions. Easily average or median combine bias, dark frame subtract and flat-field images. This applies to your software as well.

CCDSoft is a Microsoft Windows-based CCD camera control, data reduction, image processing and astronomical research application for amateur and professional astronomers.

You are in control of your Ccdosft camera, and not the other way ’round. Software Bisque Astronomical Books Software. Modeless, “tabbed” camera control window is always available. With built-in support for the complete line of SBIG cameras, and optional support for many other popular camera models, CCDSoft is the tool most used when capturing your favorite deep-space objects or hunting for undiscovered celestial treasures.

Easily focus the Autoguider. Intuitive control of Autoguider. Apply them during image acquisition or post acquisition. For example, a recent survey indicates that most people doing accurate astrometry spend on average 20 minutes to determine the coordinates of unknown objects on an image.

Minor Planet search function finds moving objects on a series of three or more images, even with extremely faint objects. Camera status is always displayed on the Camera Control window and status contains detailed status descriptions.

CCDSoft Version 5 User Guide

Simply click on the various graphed points to view the corresponding image. When you use an integrated package manhal acquiring your CCD images, your productivity will increase dramatically.

In fact, CCDSoft is a core component of a completely automated and unattended satellite image-acquisition observatory at Edward’s Air Force base.

All autoguiding functions available to Imager and all Imager functions available to Autoguider. Vector-based autoguiding allows the CCD detector to be oriented at any angle during autoguiding. CCDSoft contains many advanced features such as automated astrometric call AutoAstrometryvariable star and minor planet light curve generation, supernova detection and International Astronomical Union IAU minor planet report generation.

  HCPL 7800A PDF

Easily move guide star to any mannual on your CCD. In conjunction with TheSky, AutoSave images automatically use the target object’s name as part of the file name.

Please report any problems with this page directly to the Webmaster. The Minor planet position is computed by TheSky. Easily Autoguide with the Imager.

Nothing is more demanding than running an all night, unattended script, and CCDSoft has been performing under these conditions for years. Continuously autoguide while collecting images take multiple exposures – Ccdeoft channels, etc.

Real-time button for moving telescope!

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October manuao, In conjunction with TheSky, the telescope’s declination is automatically accounted for when calibrating Autoguider and Autoguiding. Combined, we have over 50 years of experience CCD imaging on staff. A Friendly, Dependable Tool. This level of integration simply cannot be attained by collecting myriad software for observatory control ccdsofh different vendors.

Case History 1 Amateur Tim Puckett and his supernova search team has discovered 58 supernovas to date. Human intervention would make this task impossible.