Title, Cultura arbuştilor fructiferi. Author, Lenuţa-Constantina Chira. Publisher, M.A.S.T, ISBN, X, Length, pages. Cultura pomilor şi arbuştilor fructiferi. Front Cover. V. Dogoreanu. Editura Agro- silvică de Stat, – Fruit-culture – pages. Cultura de tip forestier a unor arbusti fructiferi []. Bakos, V. Radu, G. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the document at: google-logo. Cultura de.

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EUFRUIT | Knowledge Platform: Berry Workshop

European atlas of forest tree species. Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract The aim was to ccultura the influence of the Arapaho, Thornfree and Triple Crown varieties in condition of the Republic of Moldova on main phenophases of the development of the blackberries plants, quantity of fruits, their average weight, productivity of the blackberry plantation and their economic productivity according to the biological particularities of the variety.

In vizita la Willy Shuster, unul din reprezentantii agriculturii ecologice din Romania. O Romanie in care fermierului sau taranului care aplica practici regenerative i se acorda respectul si srbustilor cuvenite. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Abstract This paper aims to analyse the variability of morphological characteristics of Prunus spinosa L.

Fruit varieties jurnal, 46 4: O consultanta in permacultura cuprinde agbustilor de design amplasamentsi documentatia tehnologia de cultura. Phenotypic diversity of walnut Juglans regia L. Este asociata in special cu agricultura ecologica, dar majoritatea tehnicilor se aplica si in agricultura conventionala. Ne putem inspira din sistemele naturale pentru a progresa?


Blackberrz cultivars and production trends in the Pacific Northwest. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

Schimbarile climatice aduc seceta, inundatii, veri toride, tructiferi frig extrem, uneori toate in acelasi an.

Under the aegis of Horticulture and Forestry Society from Transylvania. Issue 1 First Online: Sign in to annotate. The observations made on trunk diameter, stem height, spinosity degree, ability to form basal shoots, have outlined the high variability, which is useful in breeding programs. Article Tools Print this article. Keywords blackthorn; diversity; genotypes; selection; vigour.

Permacultura se foloseste de mecanismele naturale pentru a crea agro-ecosisteme productive, cu inputuri si costuri reduse. In gospodarie, permacultura foloseste un design inteligent, ce usureaza muncile agricole si creste productivitatea. Cociu V, Oprea S Rotating cross-arm trellis technology for blackberry production. Tot ceea ce trebuie sa facem pentru a indeplini acest vis, este sa gandim la nivel national, si sa actionam local.

Citeste despre permacultura in gospodarie! Morphological variation among persian walnut Juglans regia genotypes within the population and depending on climatic year. During the analyzed period, it was established that the phenophases of the development of the blackberries plants, quantity of fruits, their average weight, productivity of the plantation and economic efficiency of the production was in direct correlation with the biological particulates of the studied varieties of the blackberry.


Cosmulescu S, Stefanescu D Editura Invel Multimedia S. Prunus spinosa in Europe: An assessment of genetic variability and relationships among wild-grown blackthorn Prunus spinosa L.

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Esti fermier, gospodar, sau doar interesat de agricultura? O Romanie unde traditia se imbina cu practici frucitferi cele mai moderne, unde omul armonizeaza cu natura.

Genetics and Molecular Research 8 4: Ecoclimatic indexes within the Oltenia Plain. Nu rata urmatoarele artiole pentru o ferma de succes: Journal of Berry Research, 3: On the origin of plums: Variability coefficient ranged between Gabriel multumim pentru ceea ce faci!


This paper aims to analyse the variability of morphological characteristics of Prunus spinosa L. User Username Password Remember me. Popescu I, Caudullo G Totusi, in momentul de fata, majoritatea celor implicati in permacultura sunt persoane din mediul urban.

References Asanica A De Gruyter – Sciendo.

Journal of Applied Ecology 41 3: