Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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During the beginning of the game, however, Bo is a very good character. He will get the first attack and just use the E. The nearly invincible tree monsters are still here, but you’re likely able to wipe them out at this point for a huge chunk of EXP and a shot at some rare items.

Jade will then send his four captains to destroy you. You will want to head across the bridge to Tantar the town beeath the left. A fight will occur but you can’t beat her so don’t bother trying.

It may be complicating, but hey you must have done this at least 12 times before. It is very difficult to navigate. Give him G and he’ll make it disappear. With that, he pushes away his chair and shows you a hole. Now change the leader to Nina and enter the palace. Players will know he is the useless watchdog of Marlock’s house in Sinister Town, Kahn.

Nina fite further more but she also slide into the hole. Talk to him and then everyone will join with the courage to form one whole Mogu. It transfers its mind to an image of human-like form and asks Ryu whether he is too amazed with his gigantic size. Now, an ominous force emerges to repeat the cycle. Talk to the white- haired chief and the wedding will commence. The chest contains one Magic Shard.


Breath of Fire 4 (e)

Equip the Rod5 on Ryu vreath with the Worms and fish inside the well. The next day, Ryu wakes up and feels energetic. Master laughs and dream is over.

It is 65, GP. Drop down to the ledge and wait for the strong wind to carry the party up to the opposite ledge south with another door. Once you enter, you will see RugaX running rampage around the house and so you must destroy it.

Basically she will not have any problem dealing with the opponent if her level status is high. You will find a staircase behind the door that was blocking your path originally. Vreath northwest and go through the black space.

He says about Cray and his tribe issue and then goes back inside. Do so and then keep pounding away with detoado strikes. Go to the entrance where there is a man guarding and he will not allow the party to enter.

Continue through this dungeon and you will see 3 guards instead of 2.

Fish here with the Rod5 until you collect it. Blue, red, and white from left to right. Talk to the children to find out Chino is hiding inside the dungeon. He however levels up slowly later on, but his he will get strong weapons and armor so this is not too much of a hindrance.


Follow the path along the west, past the T-intersection. You are now at the southeast corner of the main floor. His second ability makes up for this mediocre skill. Later on in the game, he gets pretty detinado useless and only good to fuse with Karn. What should I do?

Breath of Fire 4 (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

I wonder how he got it Get some fishes for later use. With Bo head into the cave.

Finally she is not a witch anymore but she is Master. Have Mogu dig and then fiire will fall in a room. You can fall through if you feel like it.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

You will have to come back later after you have required some more characters. Before you head down, walk a bit to the south to find the four treasure chests you saw before. Save by the dragon and heal by the Spring. He has high HP though and his Fry spell is very good against early bosses.

After that, make sure Ershin is equipped with the Maelstrom the armor we got from the Smith in Mt. Get ready for a boss fight.

There is a house displayed on the map at a little bit to the northeast.