The African American population in the United States has always been seen as a single entity: a “Black America” with unified interests and. Disintegration has ratings and 89 reviews. Aelee said: First I’d like to say IMO , the book was written well. A quick read w/o much fluff. Each detail. His new book, Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America, describes how African-American communities are becoming increasingly.

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Robinson suggest several reason for such stifling poverty among the abandoned; but, ultimately settles on poor choice as the reason that so many Blacks have been left behind. The immigrant Emergent, with their intact families and long-range mind-set, ridicule the Abandoned for being their own worst enemies. Writer Eugene Robinson grew up in a segregated world. The Transcendent are the Black elite, a turbo-charged version of W.

This is a questionable argument. Skeptical about materialism but pushing toward his first billion even as he conspicuously consumes. Those with the resources money or power to command. The first is made up of highly skilled immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, who are encouraged by favorable immigration policies to migrate to the United States.

In one incident, Jay-Z is stopped by highway police while he is transporting drugs, disintegrstion the police are stymied by the lack of a canine unit to sniff out the contraband. Addams was renowned for her capacity to see the potential for goodness and moral uplift in the teeming masses of poor whites that she observed.

October 5, It’s emotional and sincere but still crisp and professional.

While Muhammad mentions but does not privilege the economic forces driving the harsh limits placed on most Blacks, many women, and some whites, it is worth emphasizing that a critical factor driving these dehumanizing practices is a capitalism moving at warp speed; displacing here, commodifying there, and leaving anxiety and thwarted dreams in its wake. It all seemed natural order of things.


This is an easy to read, easy to understand book full of many of the ideas that Mr. Given this, they cannot be held fully morally responsible for their actions.

Robinson is pondering a possibility, not prescribing any specific or universal vision of race. I would have appreciated some type of statistic or other factual evidence backing this up in the general populace outside of Robinson’s most likely very well-educated and politically involved friends.

Disintegration by Eugene Robinson | : Books

The authors central argument being that there is no longer a black america in the same disintegrtion there was during the jim crow era of american history and bkack instead there are several versions of black america that differ significantly.


I disagree somewhat with this statement but won’t go into it here. Disintegration offers a new paradigm for understanding race in America, with implications both hopeful and dispiriting. I think this book is our coming out party. This breakdown comes at a time where the nation has elected the first black biracial president, so I think it offers a lot of explanation for readers both familiar and unfamiliar with the black community.

It is autistic in the sense that dreams, passions and actions appear to be only faintly connected to reality. Three books are reviewed here that take different perspectives on attempts by African-Americans to flourish in a flawed ethical space dominated by White Americans.

Copyright by Eugene Robinson. This is fine, though I’ll admit I found my interest flagged in the middle. As the Black population diversifies in how its members pursue attempts to flourish, the meaning of Blackness becomes more attenuated. Robinson details the splintering of African-American communities and neighborhoods in his new book, Disintegration: But, hasn’t every culture at one point in time or another?

And there was a lot on how far they’ve come, and the elite and that was interesting too. While Jay-Z appears to argue that this nihilism is in the service of fame and materiality, he is ambivalent about presenting these as ultimately satisfying; he sees their limits.

The ‘Splintering’ Of America’s Black Population

The Splintering of Black AmericaRobinson argues that America’s African-American population can now be divided into four distinct groups: I agree that it idsintegration important not to forget the horrific injustice that is a shameful part of this country’s history, but I think we should celebrate where we are aplintering where we are going in regards to race relations rather than continue to harbor an us vs.

Its members are smart, driven and superbly skilled, operate at the highest levels of power and influence in American society. A powerful figure in the Chicago business community, Jarrett was unknown in Washington until Obama made his out-of-nowhere run to capture the Democratic nomination and then the presidency. This is not to find fault with the book or Eugene Robinson, but to warn readers who are looking for easy solutions that this is not the place to find them. Too often it seems such communities limit themselves to condemning these youth.

This is due in large part hhe their exclusion from caring moral communities. Then you start to change, you do what you have to do to get back in the spotlight. Jan 09, Alex Lennon rated it really liked it Shelves: People want to take your head, your crown, your title. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and a reliable presence at every significant social event in town.


Jay-Z appears to identify with both of these eternal pathways, selectively enacts features of both, and ultimately leaves us wondering who he truly is. I think that this book very easily and simply is a good State of Black America in the Obama presidency – how economics are and are not involved, the unshakeable caste that is being Black in America, and most importantly, identifying 4 groups that make up Black America.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Robinson’s tone in his writing sometimes tends to be slightly abrasive in this regard.

Least interesting was Robinson’s editorializing Eugene Robinson sets out to explore the fracturing of the black community in the US, from a unified group during the civil rights era to four separate groups of black people today: For me, what is lack The meat and dislntegration of ameriac book is about the author’s argument that Black America is currently not a monolith, that is, Black America is made up of smaller groups such as the superinfluential, those of mixed race, African immigrants, etc.

OprahMainstream middle classAbandoned poorEmergent immigrants that do not have American slave ancestry, and mixed race Black Americans. Everyone understood that she would be sitting on the mother lode of the capital’s rarest and most precious asset: The Mainstream bemoan the plight of the Abandoned — but express their deep concern from a distance. Instead of one black America, today there are four.

But while these people appear to have transcended the daily hassles of being black in America, Robinson makes a convincing case that they remember very well the obstacles they had to overcome merely because they were black and that, like their black mainstream counterparts they recognize the need for eternal vigilance and constant motivation.

Owing to recent events, however, the distinguished mogul was eclipsed at his own party.

Robinson articulated many of the trends I’d observed but had been unable to express. Jay-Z was inspired to become an artist by rappers in the Marcy Projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, where he lived.