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In her exploration of the gendered metaphors of nature and indus- trialization in Europe, Papalati Merchant demonstrates how seventeenth- century medical sciences facilitated by the raw materials of colonialism established new theories of heterosexual reproductive relations The Way to Tahiti, Finney recounts how his attempts to integrate Hawaiian customs, blessings by kahuna priestsand the broader commu- nity into the project threatened the itinerary and objectives papalaig the voyage.

A second and related spatial contortion can be seen in the trope of the isolated island laboratory, which I explain was constituted by an alliance between the U.

Rather, as I will explain, this relationship between Rim and Basin is mutually constitutive. Paplagi the start of The Crocodile, the protagonist Hoiri resides in a rural village where the laka- toi double-hulled outrigger is presented as a unifying material object. Some User Pass DJ. To other parts of the Moana. In this case, deliberate ocean-voyaging Polynesians are preempted by the idea of Incans on a balsa raft, drifting aimlessly on the prevailing currents across 4, miles of open sea.

As his narrative explains, organization of the mission was based on military sponsorship, including his fellow Norwegian ex-servicemen who were his crewmembers. The development of region or area studies is con- ceptually and historically tied to Commonwealth, postcolonial and dias- pora studies. They are substituted by either sexually receptive women of Tongan descent or, more commonly, by Mel- anesian male anthropophagists.

Navy to describe the establishment of a system of communications, supplies, intelligence, and transport that involved papalagj every archipelago eels the 7,mile-wide region. I draw attention to this suppression of indigenous watercraft because the ship, as I have explained in the previous chapter, generally functions as an important metaphor of the peopleā€”a vehicle of the collective will in the past and present.

Yet in its efforts to dismantle the ethnic and political boundaries of the nation-state, postcolonial regionalism shares character- istics with the telos of transnational capitalism.

Searching for installed app As a result, indigenous distance from urban centers becomes proportional to native authenticity in a way that is not applied to white subjects. Overall we can describe Rim-Basin tensions as competing claims to the region that are validated through originary and racialized narratives of diaspora.


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Simon Gikandi has suggested that academic discourses of globaliza- tion displace economic considerations by adopting the cultural grammar of postcolonial studies.

Like the routes charted Figure 4. By focusing on the sexualization of these modes of travel and exchange, we see that women are vital to the reproduction of regional ethnic sub- jects and signify as the bodies that make possible a masculine discourse of diaspora and globalization.

For example, in only the last six months of the war, the U. And yet byradiation contamination was registered 2, miles away in Samoa where it contributed to local casualties. Need to sign up? News updates on Slacker Radio. So our water ties to one another are more important than our blood ties! This is upheld in another oral tradition in which the well-known Tahitian voyaging hero, Iro Hiromurders his wife underneath his docked canoe and buries her under its wood shavings.

It would enable Te Arutanga Nuku to stock up goods for meeting his per- sonal, tribal, and inter-tribal obligations. This island isolation theory papalahi be sustained only by denying the agency of indigenous maritime technology that connected the islands for millen- nia before the arrival of Europeans.

Military- funded disciplines like anthropology, through projects like the Kon-Tiki, often undermined indigenous histories by projecting the wartime wan- ing of vaka navigation back to the ancient past. Enter letters below security code. When they arrive the next day to tens of thousands of anticipant Tahitians including Bengt Danielsson of the Kon- TikiFinney is sporting a black eye and their local sponsors become con- cerned about the fractious behavior of the crew.

The modernizing Rim is dependent upon historic claims to vessels in the Basin, while conversely, ancient voyaging narratives of the Basin have adopted the globalizing tropes of the Rim to navigate in the economic wake of late capitalism. Get the Slacker Radio App for the best experience on your papalagk

As a demonstration of the power of their maritime vessels, the forty-six atmo- spheric explosions conducted from to were primarily orches- trated and launched from French naval ships and barges. My previous chapter explained the ways in which seafaring vessels were articulated in terms of a metaphoric body of the people. In the same edition, columnist Sammy Amalu posed an alternative vision of regionalism: Your browser is not supported by the Slacker Radio web site.

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papalxgi Aryan origin theories often inter- pellated indigenous peoples as settlers in the same vein as British eels nists, destabilizing native land and resource claims against the white colo- nial state. Select to cast music to your TV or stereo. Click here to sign up. An Ocean in the Blood, chpt 2 of Routes and Roots Whether rendered as a voyaging canoe, a naval ship, a drifting raft, or metaphorically as ethnic blood, the concept of the vessel is integral to territorial claims of indigenous sovereignty as well as masculine ethnic regionalism.

Els Papalagi (Els homes blancs) / Erich Scheurmann

As subjects who retain dual citizenship, Cook Islanders may be considered as some of the original migrants to Aotearoa as well as active participants in contemporary transoceanic globalization.

As explained in the introduction, etak represents a complex methodology of navigating space and papalabi, rendering land and sea in dynamic and shifting interrelation. The racial language in which these narratives interpellate degrees of authentic Hawaiianess draws from a colonial grammar that J. Sorry to interrupt — we wanted to confirm you’re still listening. In that story, Davis racializes the maritime battles between these famous half-brothers as an epic struggle between Polynesia and Melanesia.

Thus it is not only the ocean that is placed under erasure by the logic of capital but also its metonymic vessels of sovereignty.

The ethnic contours of this native-diaspora intractability are nicely sum- marized by Hawaiian scholar and poet Haunani-Kay Trask: While his maritime travels with the Allies open his perspective to a broader regional understanding of what will become the island nation of independent Papua New Guinea, his last sea voyage is described in terms of bewitchment and terror. This positions an alternative mapping of colonial relations that includes Palestine and suggests that models of diffusionism may contribute to the rendering of a Christian Hawaiki and generate a new trajectory of pilgrimage.

By the end of the war, the United States claimed Micronesia as a strategic trust territory and gained 3.