Emco Unimat SL and DB Manual (English) – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This wasn’t easy to find!. Pure chance brought me then to the Emco Unimat SL small machine tool from the seventies. On ebay I followed the offers and after some time I went for one offer. The Unimat covers a range commercially sold machines intended for machining and metalworking for model making hobbyists manufactured by the Emco Emco[edit]. Unimat DB, Unimat DB; Unimat SL, Unimat SL; Unimat 3.

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Great for gunshithing and watchmaking. Whilst the OD and ID are plain machined the flats were ground. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The earliest discovered European mention of the lathe was in the February edition of the popular English magazine ” Practical Mechanics ” – an early German-language of the full catalogue is here. In comparison with later machines the drive pulleys exhibited several significant differences: This example also has a locking screw on the cross slide.

The very common Die-cast Unimat SL Although tiny, it was perfectly capable of decent work, available with s wide range of accessories and was light enough to be lifted on and off the workbench with one strong hand.

Versions made in the middle years of production can be recognised by the use of die-cast handwheels still with wasp-tail handles and a red-silver-red badge.

The entire body of the drill chuck sp also given a distinctive and effective diamond-knurl finish.

An alternative precision cartridge, the “Clockmaker’s Sleeve Order No. The setting piece may be removed again after the headstock has been clamped in position. Owners have seen this phenomena exhibited in a Unimat left in the vertical enco for many years where the hole in the base was so deformed that the column was no longer truly vertical. Upon first assembly the base casting and headstock were jigged and a small vertical slot cut across the junction of their front faces.

Because it’s possible to convert a “W” to the specification of an ordinary metal-turning Unimat or use the “W” headstock on another machine it’s likely that the model may appear on the used market in a variety on non-factory specifications.

  ISO 7498-2 PDF

The on-off toggle switch with cover are easy and convenient to use, To excite the anoraks amongst unimst, some six variations on the handle have so far come to light. This article needs to be updated.

Unimat SL1000

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. However, there was a degree of overlap between the machines, with even early-production examples found though only rarely with the early red nameplate, U90 motors and aluminium handwheels.

However, as might be expected with such a popular little lathe, Sears Roebuck and Co. The aim had been to allow its use as a metal or wood lathe, miller, drill press, polisher, grinder, jig saw, saw bench, wood planer or jointer, sander or even – with the headstock detached from the bed and fitted with a grip – as a hand drill.

This had a big, round-shaped induction motor with matching wrapper paint, a small red name plate mounted low down on the sloping face of the headstock, green paint and die-cast hand wheels with the wasp-tail handles. This model of the Unimat 1 has many plastic parts and plastic machining cross slides.

At dmco this time Emco introduced the Model W, a simplified “Woodworking” version bereft of carriage and feed-screw. The first kind splined drive-bar used to move the cartridge was fitted with a very short, plain handle but later a black knob was added and finally the handle retaining the ballwas lengthened.

Although an almost continuous series of small and larger changes altered many details of the lathe’s construction and appearance, the general arrangement of all models was identical: It is likely that only two motors were used on this model: The feed-screws on these models were changed to a left-hand thread, so allowing a “normal” feel – where turning the screw to the right resulted in a deeper cut; a far better arrangement than the “cack-handed” originals that did the opposite.

As a note of interest there were at least two designs of vertical column and methods of locking them in place: If a physically similar replacement capacitor cannot be found an electrically compatible one – in the UK for example a Maplin Electronics Part No. Unimaat delta cap, 0. Manufactured in fully-machined cast aluminium they had deep ‘V’ grooves and were mounted in the reverse direction and with the pair used on the motor and idler stud at mmlarger in diameter.


Some examples of this version have also been found with saddle and cross-slide locking screws the latter with a small brass plug pushed against the right-hand cross-slide bar but such fittings appear not to have been standard until at emdo the Mk.

How long-lived and reliable is a Unimat?

The original model stayed in production untilwith a run of aroundexamples, at which point it was replaced by the Unimat 3, an entirely conventional-looking lathe and one not nearly as adaptable to so many different uses. The Unimat covers a range commercially sold machines intended for machining uniamt metalworking for model making hobbyists manufactured by the Emco company.

The first version of unimah W appears to have been based on a mid to late Mk. For the American market the 2A Instruction book was published by “American Edelstaal” in New York and was a considerable improvement over the original. The first example used a crude system, similar to that employed in a bicycle hub, with crowded loose balls contained between cones with the single-groove drive pulley held in place overhung, at the left-hand end of the cartridge by an M nut, the adjustment of which was used to set the bearing pre-load.

Unimat – Wikipedia

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Most of the Unimat range is no longer in production, but the smallest Unimat 1 and its variants is now dmco by the Cool Tool Gmbh. It may well be that some owners, frustrated by the absence of a carriage lock on fmco early machines, could unkmat fitted their own – so it is impossible to be categorical on this point. Retrieved from ” https: The plain bearings were lubricated through wicks, and it’s important not to take these out and squirt oil in directly – doing so will wreck the motor.

When the faces were correctly aligned by using the tailstock method previously outlined it was possible to insert into the slot a small “setting piece” – a disc washer given by the handbook as being 0.