Ensayo General de La Comunicación Piñuel y Lozano – Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. Thomas L. Friedman. Bad Feminist: Essays Joseph Kanon Estudio sobre la cultura y las identidades sociales Gilberto Gimenez. Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel Raigada(Book) 6 editions published in in Spanish and held by 43 WorldCat member libraries . Body of Knowledge Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel; Carlos Lozano Abstract: La presente obra es una aventura intelectual que.

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Regarding the ethics of research as a normative source, Broncazo and Vega in Quesada, There is no doubt that the media have chosen a way of producing and disseminating knowledge that can only be explained from the adoption of the so-called virtue epistemology.

In other words, for this type of discourses, the exemplary performances constitute the dominant normative statute among communication actors.

The media, on the other hand, see as a more relevant factor the adequacy of the news to the section and consider the interests that the sources will serve with the dissemination of their news. According to the consulted experts, the publication of the news from companies and institutions is conditioned by the thematic sections of the media.

On the other hand, the reality-effect refers to the reality of the mediated truth.

But the social practice of the media also entails the creation of a social discourse that becomes hegemonic, and is responsible for generating a media event that acquires an autonomous existence independently of the nature of the events that are talked about which ends up engaging the social actors.

This is the reason it is very important to analyse the structure of these events, which are collected, represented and regulated according to this dominance of historical existence which, genefal after day, constructs the accounts of the current state of gendral world in the media, whose social product is the service offered by journalism.

Journal of Communciation24 2pp. From the unit to the differenceEd.

Piñuel Raigada, José Luis [WorldCat Identities]

Reflexiones sobre Internet, empresa y sociedad The Internet Galaxy. This always ebsayo, with the exception of the circumstances in which the exceptional interest of the news item recommends comunicavion the publication should not be limited to the veneral sections.

The discourse devoid of epistemes predominates, followed by the discourse criticising the correctness of some journalistic practices, such as the right or wrong dichotomy. This is the epistemic or puritanical conception that is derived from the analysed discourses. These are the hypotheses of this study:. And it is possible to recognise in the media a field of historical resonance and a temporal arena intra-communicational of the processes taking place in companies and the media, with their repeated crossed self-references about the sector.

Gerbner et al, comps. The relevance comunucacion the event presented by the media is centred on the activity that the media themselves perform when competing with each other to become the official social institution that establishes the public agenda. The concept of agenda setting has synthesised a large number of theoretical efforts trying to describe the influence and effects that the instrumentation of the media has on audiences. Any communicative discourse e. And it might seem that from this piueel perspective, any critical evaluation would be placed in the recognition, disapproval, and expulsion from the media Eden of the character of Mister Hyde which the communicator also carries inside.


In comparison to other traditional media, it is outstanding the rise of the Internet as an exchange and transmission channel of self-referential discourses under study.

Object of study and methodology. Personal encounters mentioned by 14 of 17 experts as the most widely used method: Linking the evolution of life and society with the historical vicissitudes of communication and the virtualities that communication offers in the construction of social representations self-references and hetero-references that are created by the game of reflexivity between discourse and action.

Ensayo General Sobre la Comunicacion pdf

The truth is said or thought, it is a more a matter of language than ontology Vilches, And these are the most relevant details:. It is the communication what becomes the event, and it is the hegemonic discourse which becomes the social reality which engages the reactions of the social actors. This social practice of the media, does not only involve the creation of a social discourse that becomes hegemonic with pre-designed thematic agendasbut above all is responsible for generating a media event that acquires an autonomous existence independent of the nature of the events that are discussed and eventually manages to engage the social actors.

Among its main tenets or hypotheses, is the idea that those changes cannot be known without firstly establishing a clear distinction between the components and relations that are specific of the communication systems CS and the components and relations that are specific to other systems.

Our final conclusion is this: Percentages given by the 11 experts that answered the question. The second Delphi round corroborated that personal relations are considered the most important thing, and established other important factors that are added to those relations, for instance: The objectives of the study are establishing what changes are appropriate to undertake in order to improve the education of journalists, and setting the quality standards of the public service of journalism.

The analysis of communication content. Finally the third Delphi round addressed the views of the press managers on the structure of the media discourse that increasingly integrate the reference gneral the own institution or company.

This article explores whether the production of communication by the media industries oriented to meet its public service function, at the moment of selecting current themes that are subjected to the criteria of the agenda agenda setting theory and presenting them in accordance to approaches or perspectives of strategic interest to increase the credibility of the discourse and its actors framing theory.

Establishing the ensaoy between communication and the social interaction, and placing the social interaction in the universe of possibilities and previsions extracted from the conditions that concern us as individuals and citizens genwral exist in the historical conditions of the social changes.

The virtues of these professional communicators are laa as inherent capacities, just like the courage that is presupposed in the soldier, without accepting the possibility that beyond the truth of the discourse preached about the professionals, or preached by the professionals about themselves, there is another truth, a truth that is made-up, even the truth that -given any fate or coincidence- can also can identified in the discourse.


Thus, sobr is of no use to wonder about the extent to what this “virtue epistemology” is finally a guarantee of truth in the communicational productions because that is not is part of the question. Secondly, the sending of the news to the correct section increases the chances of publication. The media speak about: Gendral the other hand, the press turns out to be a unanimous actor that reproduces the Communication System of which it is part. However it should be noted that the analysis of the keys of meaning has been based on the body of press articles of the second and third surveys, which cover a total of discourses.

Specifically, all agreed that the genres are negotiated.

Reseña de “Ensayo general sobre la comunicación” de José Luis Piñuel y Carlos Lozano

Concerning the categories of analysis that are used in this research, it should be emphasised that they are based on a theoretical model that defines the MDCS Dialectic Mediation of Social Communication research group and prefigures the different social and cognitive dimensions of communication, as an object of study.

But precisely, in order to avoid the incessant questioning and avoid making the constant agreements on communicationthe “know-how” of communication the cognitive heritage of each society has resources to strengthen confidence in the discourse, beyond the strict conditions of formal and material truth that have preoccupied so much the scholars of knowledge.

The daily discourse of the press is ideal for this purpose because it facilitates the task of revealing the construction of the discourse of social communication. A clear example is the following headline: To send this article to a friend, just click on the little envelope: If we take into account the headlines, in table 4 we can see that over half of the total have been written trying to appealing to the existential modality, i. Now, as we have pointed out, the communicators are accustomed to comparatively assess their colleagues by setting their criteria according to certain principles that are regulatory of their activity and the reliability exhibited by the assessed communicators in their discursive productions.

The sample was constituted by pieces press articles extracted from three surveys comprising all entries that were relevant to the object of study a self-referential discourse during 4 full and consecutive weeks, chosen at random throughout the biennium in the 7 Spanish newspapers that had the largest audience, according to this resulting distribution:. It is the thematic profile of the medium -not the ideological profile- what determines the interest of the information.

In the first round of responses, the experts showed that the commitment of the media with companies or institutions that are providers of information depends on their profile for the publication of their news and that the profile piue, the medium was decisive when establishing the interest for the sending of information.