If the line is from one of Rumi’s “longer poems” (longer than four half-lines), then it is from a ghazal, or ode. Unfortunately, there is no data base of such poems. Dīvān-e Kabīr or Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī (The Works of Šams Tabrīzī) (Persian: دیوان شمس mixed Persian/Greek and Persian/Turkish poems. Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī is named in honour of Rumi’s spiritual teacher and friend Shams Tabrizi. Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the song Divan by İsmail Coşkun on iHeartRadio!.

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Our celestial spirit is free to eternity, Tho’ for a short while we have the shape and figure of man. This in fact is the goal of the Sufi. Rumi was truly focused on the inner experience, and his writings about the spiritual journey have resonated with people from all walks of life.

No need for you to translate my poetry. And as the reed flute wails all day, telling about its separation from the reed bed, so Rumi wails all day telling about being separated from his Beloved. This is the prayer of each: He quoted Rumi as a defender of the theory wherein the world is considered to be a prison for our souls Birth of Sultan Walad [Rumi’s favorite son and successor].

How is it permissible, in the religion of love, That we should see your Creation and neglect to see You? But I think it’s the thing that makes symbols, makes stories, it’s that overflow part of the human psyche that generates ‘War and Peace. Here is my quick translation of its first two verses: In my presence, as he listens to me, Maulana considers himself – I am ashamed to even say it – like a two-year-old child or like a new convert to Islam who knows nothing about it.


The translations are far from creating the ecstasy that Rumi creates and communicates, but it is hoped that they will point the reader in the same direction. There is no hypocrisy or politesse or interpretation in these words; I am deficient in knowing him! This word has also been applied in a similar way to collections of Hebrew poetry and to poetry of al-Andalus. Words cannot reveal it.

Divan-e Shams by Rumi

It is also worth mentioning that the most famous work with this word as its title is the collection of poetry called Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi by Rumi, named so because of Rumi’s love and divann to Shams Tabrizi. The world is like a trap that captures any who cling too closely to it. Evil qualities are just like scabs and abscesses; when they are within us they cause no pain, but when we see them even to a small degree in another, then we feel pain and disgust.

Hold on to your particular pain. This classical work presented the European audience with seventy passages from the Masnavi and Divan-e Shams. Don’t even open your mouth for even a coo.

Eshrefoglu Rumi

According to Rumi, beauty takes us from ourselves, frees us from the prison of the body, and erefoly us closer to another realm, to God. And because that is so, everything is because I AM. Who is hiding inside my mouth putting words into it? Hunger bitter with bread. The Sermons themselves give a commentary on the deeper meaning of Quran and Hadith.


In civan extensive writings he explored the profound themes that had gradually evolved with the long succession of Sufi thinkers since the ninth century, such as the nature of truth, of beauty, and of our spiritual relationship with God. Rumi founded the Mevlevi Sufi mystic order, commonly known as the “Whirling Dervishes” and created the Sema rite, a ritualistic sacred dance to efefolu seek the divine truth and maturity. It conveys its message almost entirely through stories of varying length.

Rumi – Divani Shamsi Tabrizi

Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. Perhaps a symbolic and romantic portrayal of the lover in search of his missing Beloved.

Those who know nothing of religion are like an empty scarecrow. How could I know melancholia Would make me so crazy, Make of my heart a hell Of my two eyes raging dvan

Tazyin Al-Waraqat

That Friend brought me up with great care and attention; He sewed me a garment from skin and veins. From Surrender to Coexistence. Dar Al-Masnavi ” Many Americans love Rumi for his rumu spirituality about Divine Love, but they prefer that he not be a Muslim, or at least no more than minimally Islamic civilization was a society that placed a high value on preserving written records.