Erythrina abyssinica. Photo: Bart Wursten Cleveland Dam, Harare. Erythrina abyssinica. Photo: Bart Wursten Cleveland Dam, Harare. Erythrina abyssinica. Erythrina abyssinica. Fabaceae – Papilionoideae. Lam. ex DC. red hot poker tree, lucky bean tree. Flowers (Saunders R.C.). The calyx lobes are long and. E. abyssinica tree, Tree showing the trunk and the corky bark, growing in the Harare National Botanic Gardens, Zimbabwe. Dzingai Rukuni.

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Fruit extracts are taken to treat asthma and meningitis. They are deciduous and flower when leafless.

Flora of Zimbabwe: Individual record no: Erythrina abyssinica

The bark is also applied against vomiting. In Ethiopia the roots have been used as famine food and they are a source of potable water. Palatability of multipurpose tree species: Display spot characters for this species.

The wood serves as firewood; it smoulders readily without flaming and keeps smouldering for long periods. Flowers bisexual, papilionaceous; pedicel 2—6 mm long; calyx cylindrical to spindle-shaped, split at one side, tube 0.


Evaluation of selected Sudanese medicinal plants for their in vitro activity against hemoflagellates, selected bacteria, HIV-1 RT and tyrosine kinase inhibitory, and for cytotoxicity. Papilionoideae Flora Zambesiaca 3 5 Setshogo, M. It also serves as fuelwood and for charcoal making. Erythrina abyssinica MsebeIn this period they are conspicuous and decorative. Wood-anatomical description IAWA hardwood codes: Erythrina abyssinica Erythrina abyssinica – seeds x – 39k – erythtina toptropicals.

Details of record no: 1684

Trees are fire resistant, and even seedlings resprout after fires, due to their deep root system. Pounded flowers serve to treat dysentery.

Erythrina abyssinica is a nitrogen fixing tree. The seeds are used in traditional medicine to treat throat pain, and in veterinary medicine to treat cough in camels.

It is greyish white, sometimes with shades of red.

Pods are 15 to 25 cm in length and should be collected as ripe fruits while still on the tree. Retrieved from ” https: Air-layering is also possible. It is widespread in Tanzania in various habitats including open woodlands, forest clearings, grasslands, and lowland woodlands to m except in very dry or high altitude areas RSCU abyssknica Propagation by cuttings is often successful when these are planted in the rainy season.


Experiences from the Loita Ethnobotany Project.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trees are easily propagated from large cuttings which avyssinica the most common method of reproduction Teel The wood is easy to work, but planed surfaces may be woolly.

Erythrina abyssinica Images

Agathodes musivalis Larval foodplant. The effectiveness is supported by pharmacological research, which showed the presence of antimicrobial flavonoids. Fruit a woody pod, strongly constricted between the seeds. Furthermore, the abyssinicca is variable with individuals with glabrous and hairy tomentose leaves which were described separately and after revision resulted in additional synonyms syn.

It was reported that beehives, drums, crafts, toys, necklaces, and domestic items such as spoons are made from the wood. The leaves abyseinica eaten by sheep and goats.