Formulario Inscripción al Rol Único Tributario y Declaración Inicio de Actividades. Formulario Anexo al Formulario Timbraré. Step 2: SII – going in person to deliver a Formulario INSCRIPCIÓN AL ROL ÚNICO TRIBUTARIO Y/O DECLARACIÓN JURADA DE. Español: Logotipo vectorial del Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII) de Chile. Date, circa date QS:P Source, Formulario (PDF).

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File:Logotipo Servicio de Impuestos – Wikimedia Commons

It’s a way of life It’s all very painless. For more than a decade, the Chile Forum has been the center for expats to share their collective knowledge and experience about living in Chile. Be very careful, as there are many things we consider personal services that are in fact subject to IVA. With regard to product buyers, you may browse for a complete product instruction manual and also guidebook and download all of them absolutely free. Now, in order to start a biz, you have to initiate activities with the IRS.

Form is the one, you can download the form and prepare it yourself. Perhaps a good analogy is that this is similar to the distinction between a tax payer id number as issued by the U. I’d like to take care of this ASAP and would hate to make multiple trips.

Thus, companies, as tax paying entities with various rights and responsibility in Chile are issued RUT numbers also to distinguish them from private natural persons. Source of confusion long, long, time ago Chileans had two different numbers for these. If yer in Vina, go to Valpo.

Views View Edit History. Most businesses, even vey small ones, employ an accountant to do this. Often it is just an accountant or attorney that acts as legal representative. In other cases, the buyer gives all the mandatos to one attorney.


File:6Diagrama 3.png

I have never ever encountered anyone with two different numbers. There are a mess of them. He said ” Well in that case we would just fire you” He had no answer when I pointed out that employment has no bearing on Legal Rep status Every time someone brings it up, some one tries to explain it, and it just goes on and on and on and on confusing people on the internet.

So please please please, always refer to it as a RUT, even if someone zii to correct you. But in any case, for a buyer intended to complete a purchase sui en absenciathere are several points to cover in order to keep 415 moving.

Facturas especially are quite “sensitive” documents and need to be issued with care. Just one number for everything in the country.

El acueducto de Segovia, puente del diablo. That is all a highly oversimplified explanation of the process of course, and a lot will depend on what you want to do, what you are selling, your tax situation in Chile and outside. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. In short, get some help. It seems the reaction to some scams where people were selling these RUT number for purposes never intended, for prohibited examples forkulario to establish an employment contract or immigration.

PD Fonts and typefaces or Template talk: You can have different kinds of Sociedades: PD-textlogo for more information. Todos los derechos reservados. Encerrado con el diablo. So, for example a company has no passport, but private individuals do have a passport.

The same caution is also needed for powers of attorney, because the kind of trouble they can cause is very similar. Essentially, you are going sii need a lawyer and an accountant.

This page was last edited on rormulario Octoberat Cleaning up the mess created by foreigners that have given unlimited powers of attorney to the wrong person or unchecked legal representative powers to the wrong person are the two most common errors that foreigners make in Chile, and we have made more money formmulario those situations almost more than any other thing we do.


If you have someone to talk you through this, and following these steps, you should be finished in 2 or 3 hours. Las babas del diablo. How you go about doing that, and if you receive a RUT, will depend on what sort of buisness you are starting. The distinctions are very subtle. A legal representative does not need to be a owner of a company at all.

iniciacion de actividades y contabilidad by Jasmín Calderón on Prezi

If the form was downloaded from Internet, fill it out in your computer and print two copies. The difference between them is that RUT is formupario used for juristic person. If you want to use it, you have to ensure that you have the legal right to do so and that you do not infringe any trademark rights.

Cut and paste from lonely planet: Identify conflicts of interest from the start, and implement mechanisms to guard against them. Get el divan del diablo PDF file for free from our online library.

If you start as early as notary opens, then you should be leaving Servicio formuoario noon. Now, for the Chilenos who read this and become outraged at the gringo and his experiences with Chileno partners For example, selling advertising is subject to IVA formularioo, but doing graphics design work may not be. Generally offices this is not a problem, but if you are running something out of your home then things can get sort of complicated.