Dostoevsky and Parricide ()1 The moralist in Dostoevsky is the most readily assailable. It is reprinted in Freud’s Gesammelte Schriften, XII, 7– Dostoevsky and Parricide has 69 ratings and 7 reviews. Adriana said: Freud, assim não dá para te defender. Quando Freud encasqueta em analisar o autor e . indicates briefly the content of “Dostoevsky and Parricide” and mentions Theodor Reik’s criticism, also Freud’s answer to Reik. Mark Kanzer calls the essay a.

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Four facets may be distinguished in the rich personality of Dostoevsky: How is one to find one’s way in this bewildering complexity?

The creative artist is the least doubtful: Dostoevsky’s place is not far behind Shakespeare. The Brothers Karamazov is the most magnificent novel ever written; the episode of the Grand Inquisitor, one of the peaks in the literature of the world, can hardly be overestimated.


Before the problem of the creative artist analysis must, alas, lay down its arms. The moralist in Dostoevsky is the most readily assailable.

Dostoevsky and Parricide

parrixide If we seek to rank him high as a moralist on the plea that only a man who has gone through the depths of sin can reach the highest summit of morality, we are neglecting a doubt that arises. A moral man is one who reacts to temptation as soon as he feels it in his heart, without yielding to it.

A man who alternately sins and then in his remorse erects high moral standards lays himself open to the reproach that he has made things too easy for himself. He has not achieved the essence of morality, renunciation, for the moral dostoevsjy of life is a practical human interest.

He reminds one of the barbarians of the great migrations, who murdered and did penance for it, till penance became an actual technique for enabling murder to be done. Ivan the Terrible behaved in exactly this way; indeed, this compromise with morality is a characteristic Russian trait.


Dostoevsky and Freud: Exploring the Relationship Between Psyche and Civilization

Nor was the final outcome of Dostoevsky’s moral strivings anything very glorious. The full text of the document is available to subscribers. This text is printed for dostovsky use. It is copyright to the journal in which it originally appeared. It is illegal to redistribute it in any form. International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, Home Contents Document Login Tip: Dostoevsky and Parricide