Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – book cover, description, publication history. Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – From New York Times bestselling author and queen of romance Julie Garwood comes this classic novel of a medieval lady. In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she.

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The story simply had a gsntle dose of a woman’s subservient position to her husband which would seriously raise feminist hackles, but at the same time, it wasn’t nearly as bad as some other bodice-ripper romances or the reality for women in the Middle Ages.

A bird is going to grip whatever it lands on. Then there is just enough story and intrigue to make it a really exciting and unputdownable book.

She almost pulled it off in a couple of scenes, but she needed to add more. Any other author, I would have given it less.

I really love all of Garwood’s historicals and while this is not a favorite read, it was still good! Overall, he was generally a good hero though, and the other cast of characters was abs Another great Garwood romance with a fantastic cast of characters, though hero was a little too much at times Setting: Bent on revenge, she rode again through the fortress gates, disguised as a pe.

It’s her debut novel, and you can kind of tell that Garwood hasn’t yet hit her stride as a writer in that she doesn’t have her characteristic fluffy tone in this one.

Now I can’t read her one after another but spaced apart they are certainly an easy, enjoyable, quick read. I was laughing for most of the book ,narrator’s voice for Geoffrey was the funniest thing!

These books should still be appropriate for most mature teens and sensitive readers.

Gentle Warrior

Gentle Warrior 3 14 Gentlr 08, I wzrrior care if this idiot does have some kind of psychic link to her hawk I think she didit’s a bird. I do love Google Books. The only part I enjoyed was the very last line of the book. Still, compared to other writers, it’s a jewel in the rough. Once he is fully recovered, he suspects that the young lady may be the daughter of the faithful vassal who was killed.


Synopsis – Julie Garwood

In my opinion she’s a good actress and I can’t understand anyone giving her negative reviews. Many, many times I had to go back and re-read to see what was thought and what was actual dialogue.

Oct 21, Lauren rated it it was ok Shelves: The book stated that he had lost his family at an early age and had been raised by the King. My favorite part was the last line. Even though I know what to expect, I still enjoy them. A family was murdered before the book even began and the hero knew who was responsible, but wasn’t naming names. I think I simply have a preference for the relationship to solidify between the hero and heroine before they marry, or if for some reason a quick marriage is necessary, that they perhaps wait to consummate it.

He showed no heart or warmth in her portrayal of him. Elizabeth refused to give up. To ask other readers questions about Gentle Warriorplease sign up.

I think part of the dissatisfaction comes from my not being thrilled with the narrator. Even on sale it isn’t, worth it.

He is loud – constantly yelling at Elizabeth, and insensitive – repeatedly saying demeaning things to her, intentionally to hurt her and to force her to see things his way. While Geoffrey awrrior exactly abusive like some heroes of that era in romance, he can get very intense and a couple of times he shook Elizabeth or pulled her hair in a way that genfle more than just a playful tug when he was angry.

Anne Flosnik is one of my least favorite narrators as she is too overly dramatic in her performances but this certainly wasn’t one of her worst readings. Aug 11, Libby Harrison rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. Elizabeth’s grandfather, Elslow, was absolutely wonderful and I’d be surprised to meet a reader who wouldn’t want a grandfather like him – he’s funny, witty, so sweet and gruffly affectionate with Elizabeth and her younger brother, and just all around fantastic.


I’m surprised I made it the whole half hour of my lunch break.

Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood

Open Preview See a Problem? Yet another winner by Julie Garwood! Make sure you listen to the sample before you purchase this audiobook. Keep your audiobooks, even if you cancel. Not a big fan of this book, ok story What would have made Gentle Warrior better? Still, it’s not a bad read.

So I went for something a little different and went for Feudal England over Scotland. Usually Garwood does a better job of showing, but we find out a warrjor about the characters because we’re constantly told, what they are thinking. In all fairness this was one of her earlier books and she did improve over time. Geoffrey could be rather arrogant at times which occasionally grated, but sometimes could lead to something endearing. Needless to say, Geoffrey and Elizabeth have a clash of both personalities and wills as they try to create a lasting, affectionate marriage.

You see, a genhle while back pre-Goodreads I went to work and forgot to take a book with me. She knows how to write sex scenes without being crude. Having read the newer of the two, The Bride, first although I didn’t know it at the timethis book felt a bit shallow. Elizabeth Montwright witnesses the massacre of her family. Even though it’s slow in a few places, when placed in context, the slowing is appropriate. I recently read a couple of other highlanders books by a different author, that were more history led than character led, and I found myself craving a Julie Garwood.