PDF | Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq is a representation of one of the most important but nevertheless neglected periods of Indian history, the reign of. Tughlaq: Girish Karnad: Karnad’s next play, Tughlaq (), tells the story of the 14th-century sultan Muḥammad ibn Tughluq and remains among the best. Tughlaq written by Girish Karnad in , is his best loved play, about an idealist 14th-century Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq, and allegory on the.

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The significance of ttughlaq could be tuhhlaq understood by gazing backwards at the successful resistance Khilji offered against Mongolsfar before the Lodhis and Mughalskeeping India immune to foreign invasion, for once in its long history.

A spectacular play about a Medieval Indian monarch who is corrupted by his power. Jan 03, Akshay rated it liked it. Karnad understands this about the historical conditions that surround Tulghlaq, himself: And the ultimate test – when it ends u wish Karnad had written tufhlaq longer book. Tughlaq was a brilliant individual yet is regarded as one of the biggest failures.

It also explores the legitimacy of the means which influences the ends. But this personal involvement drives us to do actions which are cruel or unethical.

Tughlaq (play) – Wikipedia

Along with its complex symbolism, the play is at once both historical and contemporary, as is the style of Karnad in most of his other works. He is an underestimated character whose importance in the story builds up with time.


Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Tugglaq, the play is clever and enjoyable. Even though there are subtle instances that the reader likes but the acts feel distant and disconnected. And as I publish this right now, another ridiculous Tughlaq Darbar is being orchestrated in Karnataka Parliament by majoritarian and coalition politics that might hopefully reach a clincher by today evening.

Jul 14, Vivek rated it really liked it. When I read about Mohammed bin Tughlaq, I was fascinated. A scene from the play between a dhobi and a thief. Overall, the play was a quick read, however, much can be contributed if the historical character is understood in proper sense.

Even the best of intentions go haywire in front of personal self interests of power centers. Lists with This Book.

What can I say about Tughlaq that hasn’t been said before? His pa I love tuglaq ‘s parts mainly becoz the more he talks, they more idealistic it is and sometimes his own speech contradicts him in weird ways and its ironic and beautiful at the same time.

Tughlaq is not just about Nehru. It is reflective of the India that Karnad sees in front of him, a stunning realization between the gulf karnzd what is and what can be. The new Prologue by Karnad recounts the personal history behind the genesis of the play as well as its afterlife-the many productions and general reception.

The issues posed by the play remain relevant even today, not only in a political sense but also tyghlaq an organisational sense. I think I’ll need to read this book several times before I can uncover the various layers of meaning the play has.


Tughlaq, Second Edition

Tughlaq killed many of his hirish on slightest suspicion but gave clemency to all rebels and enemies. Re-read it after a long time, and loved it just as much. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Oct 21, Jackson Cyril rated it it was amazing.

Tughlaq and his era r brought to life without bring apologist or judgemental. A well-read scholar of the arts, theology, and philosophy, a brilliant calligraphist, a mystic, as well as a poet, it is the ‘madness’ that earned him the epithet ‘Mad Muhammad’, that Karnad explores in the play.

Reading Tughlaq was both enjoyable and enlightening for me as I could chalk out many similarities that the play resembles to the modern Indian politic scenario as well. From the very roots till the politicians of our time, this story can be related to all of it.

Karnad understands …more One of the critical issues that Karnad addresses in Tulghlaq is the striking gap between political aspirations and its reality. The humor is subtle but one of the best I have come across in a long time.

The dialogues are very engaging. Girish Karnad is a legend. Look forward to a movie adaptation or a live performance some day.

A must read for all Kannada readers. At first he doesn’t seem like an important character.