Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men (ISBN -9) is a book by Michael Kimmel, published in The book covers the. The offical homepage for Michael Kimmel’s latest book, “Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men,” in stores August from HarperCollins. Using a combination of interviews, anecdotes, and socio-historical insight, Michael Kimmel’s Guyland offers a detailed analysis of the prevailing social.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Porn, violent video games, and gangsta rap are emphasized as symptoms, not causes. Were the women also leaving the world of women? Nothing was particularly bad guylznd this book, but nothing was extremely impressing either.

The book is arranged topically with lots of interviews and stats to back up arguments. Unfortunately, I did not connect to the text as I thought, as being gay, this was a world I did not live in, and being a feminist already, many of the arguments were ones I’d read elsewhere, for a different audience, and with different intents.

I was worried going into this as my friend said there was gkyland material. Sociologist and gender studies authority Michael Kimmel has identified this territory as “Guyland,” a place that is both a stage of life and a new social arena. A Cultural History,etc. Kimmel sort of writes about guyland as if he has never met a guy before in his life?

This was another book that I read for my intro to women’s and gender studies class and vuyland the whole, I really enjoyed it. Why do so many bok seem stuck between adolescence and adulthood? For me, this book put into words everything I found so disgusting about the typical guy culture in which I was raised. It’s currently and the economic situation is crappy for everyone, including young people, not just “guys”.

However, it also seemed he shoehorned some of his arguments in to fit a point he wanted to make, such as videogames and rap allowing for males to appropriate a symbolic blackface. Related to this, I took issue with such ideas as girls wearing jeans denoting their participation in “guyification. Kimmel, citing his sources, notes that it is mainly white men and boys who fall into this Guyland category, which I find slightly dubious.


In mapping the social world where tomorrow’s men are made, Kimmel offers a view into the minds and times of America’s sons, brothers, and boyfriends, and works toward redefining what it means to be a man today—and tomorrow.

Guyland – Wikipedia

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. How can someone with a nine-year-old at the time of writing be that out of touch with kids’ stuff?! Personally, I could’ve gone without some of the quotes from questionabl If you’re already a feminist or participate and read about the socialization of gender, this won’t be anything new, buyland it’s guylsnd decent book that puts together different parts of how year old men are obnoxious and why it hurts them as well as us.

So yay for ethnicity. Guyland as a New Stage of Development. Basically there is a lot of rage here, and a lot of sour grapes.

In large part, it reads, as others have commented, as a guylanx anthropological study that is aggravating and shows Kimmel’s own biases and the generational gap with which he is dealing. If most guys know another guy who has assaulted someone else, doesn’t that mathematically imply that many men are indeed predators? How do I describe the mixed feelings I had about this book?

You can kinda tell from my language here that this conforms with my observations of reality. In particular, his chapter on “hooking up” takes a “battle of the sexes” view that I find particularly unpalatable. You know how parents read parenting guylannd

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men – Michael Kimmel – Google Books

Guys just wanna have fun. Kimmel has written extensively about this culture with no name, a culture that appears so ubiquitous on large, public U.

Dec 03, Carolyn Fitzpatrick rated it really liked it Shelves: Guyland, as described in the book of the same name, is a world occupied by a specific type of privileged, entitled, young, white male, one who probably watches The Man Show on SpikeTV and listens to gangsta rap with no hint of irony.

A bit too US centric and after a promising start repetitions are many.

With his focus on young men and the Today Show level of the language, this easily turns into what he has criticized elsewhere as the “interplanetary view of gender.


Guyland is well divided up into easy-to-digest segments, but its overarching themes always remain clear.

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

No one acts particularly interested in committed relationships, though many men guyyland assume they will one day marry and have children. They have plenty of time to party like they did in college and subsist on pizza, beer, and a visual diet of cartoons, sports, and porn.

A leading scholar in the field of gender studies, Michael Kimmel is author or editor of more than twenty books, including the groundbreaking Manhood in America and Angry White Men. I haven’t read Kimmel’s other works, so I don’t know if the reviews that state this is somewhat a rehash are correct.

While it’s easy to be dismissive of that “I’ve never been at a party where a bunch of bros gang-raped somebody,” I also think it serves as an apt subject matter because frat culture contains the most highly-concentrated “guy”-ness.

Guyland Michael Kimmel Limited preview – The basic assertion here is that partly due to a lack of adult influence and guidance, and partly due to petulance and childishness, a large number of guykand guys are opting out of becoming responsible adults, choosing instead to stay perpetually free but juvenile, and have a developed a toxic, self-reinforcing idea of what being a guy is all about, and strongly policing all behaviors that would shatter that illusion and reveal them as sad, angry, selfish boys.

The underlying cause of Guyland is teen boys losing confidence in themselves, and feeling like they have to create a “real man” facade. Just what is going on with America’s young men?

Reviewers called the book “wide-ranging, level headed, human and deeply interesting,” “superb If you confront them with anger and bluntness I want to use guylane probably just get defensive and no learning will occur.

I’m not sure that the problem with guyland has any easy solution.