This book consists of detailed instructions for communicating with angels and employing their aid for practical purposes. It consists of excerpts, in Grimoire form . John Dee wrote De Heptarchia Mystica as a log of the process and results of his attempts to communicate with angels. This list of angels may be incomplete, and . The Angels of the Heptarchia Mystica The sigils of the ministers of angels listed here, are important for the sessions, too. Unfortunately we have no detailed.

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Unfortunately we have no detailed informations on how these sigils should be used in the sessions. The only information available was given by the angel Camara on the 17th November But with Consideration, that the first Character, which is the first of the 7, in thy former boke, be placed uppon the top of the Table, which thow wast, and art, and shalbe commaunded to haue, and use.

You can read this information in two ways. The first way is that Dee placed the sigil or the character of the prince on the round table of the ministers. Tyson suggests another, more practicable idea. He things that the sigil of the angel that is ruling the day when the session takes place should be placed besides the crystal-globe. The name “Heptarchy” implies that the number seven plays an important role within enochian angel-magic. The name itself was invented by John Dee who had profound knowledge of the british history: Between and there was actually a ruling heptarchy.

The number seven also possesses many layers of meaning in occult matters. Not only there are seven days a week, but also seven planets. In the modern esoteric paradigm of light-workers there are seven rays, a system developed by Alice Bailey from cabbalistic roots.

The seven planetary orbs or spheres are ruled by one angelic king and one angelic prince. Five more higher angels are controlled by these two angels. So there are seven times seven angels that define the planetary spheres. Kelley received these names letter by letter from a complicated cross that is made of seven big letter-squares with 49 letters in each of them.

One square builds the center and the other six are arranged accordingly. All angelic names start with a “B”. The received 49 angelic names were arranged in a big circle by John Dee, the “Tabula Angelorum Bonorum 49”:. Two angels – the king Carmara and his prince Hagonel – are special in the Heptarchy. Their names do not begin with the notorious “B” as it is the case with all other angelic names.

They also are assigned to two planets, the Moon and the Venus, that are associated to other angelic kings and princes. The angels themselves stated that the angel Baligon and the angel Carmara are just one and the same angel. Tyson’s opinion cannot be backed up that these two angels are the overall ruling angels over all the other angels. Carmara himself does not resolve this question, but puts himself and Hagonel between the ruler of the world which is obviously Jesus Christ, according to the christian paradigm and the other angelic kings and princes.


Carmara is the only one angel that wear a threefold crown, all the other angel kings and princes only wear golden headbands. Hagonel and the other princes showed the big seal of the grimoire – the Heptagon Stellar, as it was named by John Dee. Kelley assumed that it should be manufactured in copper. Tyson thinks that the sequence of days on this seal is the correct one.

Here is the version that John Dee had drawn:. The descriptions of the angels of the seven days sum up the few things we know of them. The sequence of days is the one of depicted in the Heptagon Stellar. At the beginning of the description of each day the sigil of the king appears, in which the names of the sons of the sons of light are written.

I am following Tyson’s opinion and inserted the metal which these suns of the suns of light had with them as a sphere in the vision Kelley had on the 21st March in The description of the angels are typical for grimoires of that time. The metals that are signifying the princes are not the same as the metals for the kings.

The 42 ministers are compressed in a square. To get the 42 ministers you need to permutate the rows seven times: As an example the first seven ministers of Bornogo: The king of Friday and the planet Venus is Baligon. Baligon weared a purpur robe and a threefold crown. In the vision he had a staff with three sections: The middle part was red and the other two were black. His bigger name is Carmara, that is pronounced Marmara by the angels the first “M” remains silent.

He received the golden staff of rulership from Uriel, as well as the chair of teaching and wisdom. He appears first and is the teacher and steward of the heptarchical doctrine.

In his right hand he had a ring or held a disk with a hole in the mid, which is his sigil and is called Barees. All sons and daughters and their sons and daughters of light are his servants. He is the first of the twelve and the power of earth-operations is his essence. He controls all kings, princes and nobles due to his nature. With the sons of light and their sons he manifests many wonders among mankind. He is also named Hagonel. His ministers appear as brilliant humans accompanied by many beings in the air.

The letters of their names were on their forehead. The king of Sunday and the planet Sun is Bobogel. This angel appeared clad in a black velvet coat, trousers with velvet upperstocks overlaid with golden lace.

Obviously this angel was a bit arrogant towards the two magicians. His office is spreading wisdom and all sciences. He teaches philosophy, natural history and the true understanding of the universal mysteries. Bornogo had a red robe and a golden headband.

Liber primus.

His office is quite catholic: He transforms corruptions and mistakes of the nature into perfection. Bornogo teaches metallurgy and looks under his king Bobogel after the true heptarcchia, based on wisdom. The first seven ministers of Bornogo appeared in similar formal wear.


The others were more mysticz in appearance. The last seven ministers appeared as women from the front and from the backside like men. The king of Tuesday and the planet Mars is Babalel. He appeared in a long white robe with a white sleeve at left and a black sleeve on the right side. He seemed to stand on the surface of water and had a golden crown.

De Heptarchia Mystica – WikiVisually

On his forehead the letters of his name were written. The power of this angel arises from the deepest waters and he is a mysfica and powerful ruler of water.

His first prince had a feathered red robe. This is highly interesting because this kind of robe could be a hidden reminiscence of the ancient culture of the Watchers that had also feathered cloaks.

This topic I discuss in more details here.

Like Bornogo he had a golden headband. On his golden girdle were his name written. He appeared to be lame and his outlook was aristocratic. He is prince of all oceans and he served Moses and Solomon. He also is named Prince Mares or Obelison in egypt. The first seven of his ministers heptagchia golden headbands as a symbol that they are princes of the water. All ministers had their name written on their foreheads.

These ministers are very powerful and have great influence, dignity and authority. Some of them control the currents of the water and control the saltiness of the sea.

Others assist in sea-wars. Then there are some ministers that control the creatures of the deep-sea and the sea in general or deliver treasures or strange substances from beneath the waves. The king of Thursday and the planet Jupiter is Bynepor. He appeared wearing a royal robe and a golden crown. The essence and power of this king is in everything and is distributed throughout all things.

Although he has a beginning he has no end, ever. In my opinion this angel represents the principles of Huna. Bynepor starts new worlds, new people, new dynasties and new kinds of government. All living beings on earth are imbued with his essence and power and receive their matrix from him – with the humans as an exception, because they were built after God’s image.

He knows the origin, living and dying of all living beings and controls them by the passing of time. His ministers are formless, nebulous spirits, each of them having a glowing spark in their center.

The first seven ministers were as red as blood, the second seven were orange and the third seven ministers were white. The glowing sparks of these ministers are bigger then the other ones. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seven ministers had mixed colours and smaller sparks in their center. Each of these sparks had one letter of the name of the minister in it.