Manifestasi Klinis Hernia Nukleus Pulposus • nyeri pada bagian spinal • Kelemahan otot • Parasthesia atau baal – servical – torakal – Lumbal Servical • C4 – C5. Symptoms from HNP vary from asymptomatic to paraplegia. Herniated disc matter may compress nerve roots, vascular structures, and even the spinal cord. In the radiological examination of the spine one frequently sees in association with kyphoses very varied contours of the upper and lower vertebral margins.

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The intervertebral disc is the largest avascular structure in the body. Inflammation-suppressing Pulposys Corticosteroid Injection may be given directly into the area bukleus the spinal nerves.

A medical certificate may be issued if symptoms have resolved with treatment conservative or surgicaland appropriate written medical documentation has been provided. Hirsch et al did a systematic review of the literature to determine the effectiveness of automated percutaneous lumbar discectomy APLD.

The pain usually improves when the patient is in the nukldus position with the legs slightly elevated.

HNP causes (Hernia Nucleus Pulposus) | Darling Nuban –

Recurrent symptoms after treatment would preclude waiver consideration. In contrast to a herniation, none of the central portion escapes beyond the outer layers. The possible ejection of military aviators from aircraft makes it very important to assure that such airmen are totally healed from the disease and from any treatment prior to consideration of a waiver. A portion of the nucleus pulposus has protruded into the epidural space.

Prospective evaluation of the course of disc herniations in patients with proven radiculopathy. Most authors favour degeneration of the intervertebral disc as the major cause of spinal disc herniation and cite trauma as a low cause. Nucleus pulposus is the inner core of the vertebral disc.


Select cases may be forwarded for to a FAA-selected consultant for review and recommendations. Surgery may be hernnia in those with a herniated disc that is causing significant pain radiating into the leg, significant leg weakness, bladder problems, or loss hernia nukleus pulposus bowel control. The sciatic nerve is the most commonly affected nerve, causing symptoms of pilposus.

If hernia nukleus pulposus stability is totally regained and fully under puoposus, strength and power can be trained.

In the civilian environment aeromedical certification is more likely than for the military.


Most authors favour degeneration of the intervertebral disc as the pul;osus cause of spinal disc herniation and cite trauma as a low cause. According to the authors, patients who had larger anular defects and removal of smaller disc volumes had increased risk of recurrent disc herniation, and those who had greater disc volumes removed had more progressive disc height loss by 6 months after surgery.

Surgery should be limited to: A medical certificate should not be issued for any class if pain is severe enough to prevent sitting for long periods, or if nerve impingement causes severe radiculopathy or motor dysfunction.

American Journal of Radiology ; The nerves of the cervical plexus and brachial plexus can be affected. Symptoms such as pjlposus, numbness, paresthesiasweakness and muscle wasting are usually the presenting findings.

Nuclear material is normally contained within the annulus, but it may cause bulging of the annulus or hernia nukleus pulposus herniate through the annulus into the spinal canal.

This website also contains material copyrighted by 3rd parties. There is no consensus hernia nukleus pulposus the criteria that have to be considered in order to determine if the radiant pain is caused hrenia disc herniation.


The patient is asked if he feels any differences between the left and right side. Following surgical treatment of HNP, concerns are raised regarding vertebral joint stability and subsequent catastrophic failure of the vertebral column, depending on the type and nature of the procedure.

This causes an oscillatory pressure to decrease pain. Due to muscle spasm, a loss of normal spinal curvature may be noted. Share Email Print Feedback Close.

HNP – Wikipedia

The systematic review of Huang W. Principles of Aadalah Practice. Results showed no significant difference in relief of leg pain between the two approaches. The age-incidence curve for lumbar HNP peaks in the second through fourth decades of life and the incidence is higher in males than females.

Other pathologic lesions i. After a patient underwent an operation, the first thing to do is offer information about the rehabilitation program they will follow the next few weeks.

If core stability is totally regained and fully under control, strength and power can be trained. Education should emphasize not lifting beyond pulposua capabilities and giving the body a rest after strenuous effort.

Deterioration within the intervertebral disk results in loss of these water-retaining branches and eventually in the shortening of the chains.

Surrounding the NP is the annulus fibrosis AFconcentric laminated bands of fibrous tissue. Disc herniation is usually due to age-related degeneration of the outer ring, known as the anulus fibrosus, although traumalifting injuriesor straining have been implicated as well.