GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF LITERACY with books and teaching tools that As Glenn Doman points out, reading is a function of the brain, like seeing or. “How to teach you baby to read” by Glenn Doman gave a great start to Ed’s Early Learning. This is a detailed review based on our experience. How to Teach Your Baby to Read has ratings and 66 reviews. Pete said: To ANYONE who wants their kids to grow up with super reading skills this is i.

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Glenn Doman “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”: Book Review

Oct 14, Tadas Supronas rated it it was amazing. I measured his reading speed better than words per minute for most books. You can hang them on the wall and point to them as you walk past them.

It is very much recommended. On the contrary learning is not, especially when presented in a fun and loving way.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m still undecided as to what I will do. That said, the writing was poor, and the material dated.

You can flash them quickly in traditional flash card style. If you’re already convinced that teaching your baby to read isn’t going to mortally wound their infant souls then you’ll be happy to have your intuition confirmed by data, and you can then proceed to skim the first pages The rest of the book gives a system for creating cards and starting to expose the baby A large raed of the book is spent explaining whether and why anyone would want to teach their baby to read.


The more exposure to written words you give your child, the faster your child will learn. So it still gets 3 stars. Trivia About How to Teach Your We have glrnn in our family, my Mother discovered it, and said: Hi Agnieszka, Which learning cards are you looking for? I just completed how to teach your baby to read by Glenn Doman and Janet Doman.

If either one is cranky, or having a bad day, save the words for another day.

Glenn Doman: How to Teach Your Baby – Part 1 (Figur8)

Sep 30, Jennifer rated it really liked it. This book outlines a method to do so. I used it to teach both my kids to read, starting at 18 months. He remembers what he reads far better than others.

She is domman doing reading flashcards with her 2 year old son. Some kids never really learn this lesson and go through life believing that learning is fun and the only game worth playing. Your Answer Defines You.

Prices are quite steep though. How do I print double sided? I’ve applied these ideas of teaching babies from all the books the Domans have written, and had my children raed at age 3, learning to speak by reading my autistic sonrecognizing a “giant walkingstick” in a natural history museum even though he was so Reading this book changed my perception of babies and their potential.


Looking for an Early Learning Product? Comments Hi Shen Li, I stumbled upon your blog while researching for early childhood education.

How to Teach Your Baby to Read

It is never too early to start, even with children less than 1 year old. In this, the 21st century when we are amazed and privileged to live in the presence of devices such as the iPad and the iPhone there is, naturally, an app for that.

Never Test a Child: My concern is that he will learn to read and yet be missing some of the most basic tools he needs to continue learning on his own. This book outlines the methods ,procedures to be followed step by step, the do’s and dont’show the babies brain is wired at different stages of development and growth and mostly it’s never to late to teach you baby to read from months is the Babj just completed how to teach your baby to read by Glenn Doman and Janet Doman.

I would love to instill an early love and ability for reading in my child.

Reading, say the authors, is not a subject like geography but a brain function like lgenn and hearing. Most importantly, the process should be joyous, and never a chore, for parent and child.