Here are the troubleshooting cases and FAQs for Huawei OptiX RTN products. Get your solutions if you have met some problems. OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning Guide. Issue, Date, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES. OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System Configuration Guide (Web ID: EDOC Product Version: OptiX RTN VR and other Huawei trademarks are trademarks of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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OptiX RTN 910 Radio Transmission System Commissioning Guide(V100R001C02_02)

The RTN provides multiple types of service interfaces and can be installed easily and configured flexibly. The IDU provides multiple features with different boards, and supports convergence of up to two RF directions. Supports multi-mode microwave radio: Provides packet-based IEEE v2 clock synchronization, facilitating cost-effective clock solutions.

Priority levels can be set for native E1 services and packet services. Supports 8-class QoS, provides a wide range of rtm, and ensures the quality of high priority services. These features allow the management and maintenance in IP networks to be similar to that of SDH networks.


The RTN and wireless base station can share one cabinet. Supports different types of loopbacks at service ports and IF ports.

huawei optix rtn 910

Provides a hot-pluggable CF card, which stores data configuration files and software. The CF card can be changed for data loading or software upgrade. Supports remote data and software loading by using the NMS, which allows the entire network to be upgraded rapidly, enabling in-service software upgrades.

Users can query alarms and performance events through the simple network management protocol SNMP. Packaging according to customer requirement.

Huawei Optix Rtn Wholesale, Huawei Optix Suppliers – Alibaba

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Huawei OptiX RTN Support Guide, Manuals & PDF – Huawei

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