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IEC (E). INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. Third edition. This English-language version is derived from the original bilingual. Transformer oil IEC Transformer Oil IEC of international standards IEC, IEC, BS and national standard of Iran(). IEC Specification for Unused Mineral Insulating Oils for Transformers and Switchgear.

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This makes it a popular choice worldwide.

Gourine, Meriam Sales Representative Phone: Besides top quality oils, we offer a wide range of services, including rapid delivery worldwide, training, seminars and much more. Read more about Transformers under extreme pressure. Show all transformer oils. Technological advances have made it possible to pump oil and gas from offshore fields once considered too difficult or remote to be developed. Nynas standard grades You are looking at one of Nynas standard grades.

You can find more information about the consequences of your choice at Help. Extremely good heat transfer.

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602966 Soh, Rena Sales Executive Phone: Developed and formulated to deliver maximum resistance to oil degradation, Nytro 10XN provides outstanding oxidation stability for a longer transformer life ied less maintenance.

Nan, Ovidiu Sales Executive Mobile: Aguilera, Ivan Sales Executive Phone: Our Products Not only do we supply unused and regenerated insulating oil, but we also 6296 a range of robust complimentary products. This does not apply to oils containing additives. In the case of eye contact, irrigation with copious quantities of clean running water should be carried out and medical advice sought.


This site uses cookies profiling, own or others, to send targeted advertisements. I read and agree the privacy policy. Direct contact with the eyes may cause irritation. Every precaution should be taken to prevent release of mineral insulating oil into the environment.

Make sure that you obtained this publication from an authorized distributor.

Transformer Oil

Marits, Henrik Sales Manager Phone: The oils in question are those used in transformers, switches and other similar electrical equipment in which the oil provides. Naphthenic characteristics allow the transformer to start at the lowest possible temperature — without using pour point depressants.

We have other products in this category. Marco Roncelli Sales Executive Phone: Schoneveld, Jaap Sales Manager Mobile: Below is an explanation of the different options and their meaning.

Les lignes directrices des normes applicables seront prises en compte. Li, Elvis Sales Executive Phone: A vertical bar appears in the margin wherever a change has been made. Gourine, Meriam Sales Representative Phone: If you want to learn more or opt out ie all or some cookies, click here. Li, Elvis Sales Executive Phone: Albert Zhang Sales Executive Phone: This norm, among other things, addresses the compilation of specifications and analytical methods referred to new mineral insulating oils.


Attention is drawn to the relevant standard for guidance. EOS High Grade — for transformers and switch gear. The disposal of these items shall should be carried out according to local regulations with regard to their impact on the environment.

Start Product areas Transformer oils Transformer oils. This standard is applicable only to unused mineral insulating oils. For this standard, these are limited to those identified in IEC Nan, Ovidiu Sales Executive Mobile: Isc Barnett Sales Manager Phone: Products Kit to measure total corrosive sulphur on site Kit for on site screening of PCB in oil Kit to measure acidity on site Kit for sampling the oil from the transformer Revolving table for preparing samples for DGA analysis Software for transformer management All products….