Jan Fennell, “The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. Her training. In The Dog Listener Jan Fennell shares her revolutionary insight into the canine world and its instinctive language that has enabled her to bring even the mo. Jan Fennell. likes . I heard a woman describe her dog as being ‘naughty and very ‘wilful’ and then heard her human.

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Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I am now thinking about “leadership” and “dominance”.

Jan Fennell

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And bulk order sea biscuits. Her training method is based on the theory that dogs, being descended from wolves, fit the social model of the pack – an ordered hierarchy with a clearly fennelll leader. Oh dear – I am confused! Seems pretty clear that she rejects the Cesar Millan school of thought.

The other thing I have noticed is lisrener carefree and happy behaviour also applies to our neighbours children, who adore him. I like the focus on kindness with rules. I control the good stuff mostly. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way ;D When does puppy arrive?

He is motivated by getting the good stuff nan life – sea biscuits, cuddles, attention, play and so on – and avoiding the bad stuff which in his world is the absence of the good stuff. Fennell’s method, called Amichien Bonding from the French ‘ami’, meaning ‘friend’ and xog, meaning ‘dog’emphasizes learning the signals in her opinion by which dogs recognize leadership, and using them consistently so that the dog perceives the owner as ‘alpha’ and itself as subordinate.


Jan Fennell – Wikipedia

Other dog experts have cited recent scientific research to challenge the theory that dog behavior is based on the model of the wolf pack, criticizing this as an over-simplification. There are leaders who have soldiers follow them willingly and bad leaders who perhaps through dominance, are followed out of fear. Jane MartinJun 11, This page was last edited on 1 Julyat The pack theory seems to be out of date.

Ollie, the young lad, loves to play football with him, he is only 9 or 10 years old, Benson acts more like a puppy with them, when he sees them in the garden he can’t wait to play I don’t know, it seems he has an innate understanding of where he is in the pack so to speak?

Do you already have an account? The dog does not need to feel fear and therefore bark and become aggressive because the handler is the leader and makes all of the decisions. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I’m just guessing here but you might find that if the trainer has a particular theory that the training methods are based on then there might be a few more rules for the humans too.

Yee haa I am so happy and excited!!!!!!!!! She believes that dogs are unable to understand any other social model, and when co-opted into human families as pets still see themselves as pack members.

I have gone into overdrive! I am beside myself – that I might actually be involved in a movie quote! I like to hear others’ responses as it is so helpful in defining what I like. The dog has a stress free life.


Thoughts on “training” the Jsn Fennell way I do remember one phrase from the Jan Fennel book that described the difference between leadership and dominance – it was something about “you need to act in such a way that, if a leadership election was called tomorrow, your dogs would vote for you to be the leader”. I think it is interesting. Jane MartinJun 12, Good leaders lead out of respect and trust; bad leaders lead through dominance and fenneol Orwellian theory?

In the attempt it may become aggressive or difficult to handle, listenre it tries to assert dominance; hyperactive, through uncertainty on what it should be doing, or sometimes acutely stressed.

He is most relaxed and comfortable playing with puos his age or younger, he appears confident and carefree. I really don’t buy all of this stuff though. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I find the whole debate around “leadership” and dominance” fascinating. And Rachael’s timely and philosophical warning about ” questioning”.

In addition to her books and DVD, Fennell has her own TV show explaining the understanding of dogs and demonstrating successful interventions, currently playing on Animal Planet on Friday nights.

We hopefully don’t rule them out of fear. RosieJun 12,