The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Jeremy Narby, Author Putnam Publishing Group $ (p) ISBN Swiss-Canadian anthropologist Dr Jeremy Narby argues in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, that the twin. This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald “a Copernican revolution for the life sciences,” leads the reader.

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The style of writing bothered me more than anything else. Even though his claims may be seen as unprovable at this point and possibly wronghe brings a fresh perspective, including a harsh criticism on the dogmatic and narrow perspective of today’s science such as too much compartmentalization and disconnect between different branches of science.

While in this hallucinogenic state, a person can communicate with their own DNA through images and music. setpent

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

There was enough there to cause a text exchange between a friend and me, and the friend quickly presented the paper to me in book form. This is the kind of book that can be an eye-opener. Alex Jones for people with graduate degrees. In a first-person narrative of scientific discovery that opens new perspectives on biology, anthropology, and the limits of rationalism, The Cosmic Serpent reveals how startlingly different the world around us appears when we open our minds to it.

He wonders if this, in some way, is what is being represented in these mystical visions. Using a narrative format, the book is also I picked up this book on the count of my deep love for the word “Cosmic,” thinking I would learn something new about the Cosmos. The same three thoughts trotted out again and again. And DNA itself is a symbolic Saussurean code.

When I was twenty, I wanted to understand why some people are rich and others poor.


Serpent’s tale | Society | The Guardian

He comes by his thesis combining studies in a number of disciplines, from biochemistry to comparative mythology to his own field of anthropology, etc. I spend my time promoting land titling projects and bilingual education for indigenous people, and thinking about how to move knowledge forward and how to open up understanding between people. Narby’s premise is that hallucinogenic drugs used by shaman in the Western Amazon actually give them access to medicinal information through knowledge coded in DNA.

But did I write a breathless book about it and pretend that non Look, the first time I took a hallucinogen, I too saw all of the natural world break apart and twist together and reveal to me its interlinked workings, its fundamental connectedness to me and every other living and non-living entity in the universe entire, I too saw into the deeper reality of the unified cosmic consciousness, and I alone? Jun 24, Stefan-Iulian Tesoi rated it liked it Shelves: How would you, as the author, sum it up?

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The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby | : Books

The mythological twinned serpents are also connected to knowledge itself. You explain how different scientific schools keep to themselves, and in doing so, their discoveries and knowledge become limited.

This leads to other speculations on the source of DNA Every cell and every living organism has DNA, and human cells have some of the same markers serpetn in yeast, one of the oldest organisms. But ayahuasca, sacred plant-teacher to so many societies for thousands of years, was patented in by Loren Miller, director of the California-based International Plant Medicine Corporation.

He looks for more similarities in science and ancient shammanism to create his own understanding of where we come from and why we are here. Let’s start with what I liked. For the second half, I began to slowly drown in the latter.


View all 3 comments. He would have liked to see that aspect of it termed “mystery DNA” as that would admit the truth of it: The so-called hallucinations these shamans experience talk to them, teach them things. Wow is it ever big! DNA is an actual vector through the electromagnetic fields of which human beings and other serpennt receive instructions about how to interact with their world.

Cosmix were some pages with interesting perspective and information, but everything else in this book is so far up the author’s own ego, its hard to take it seriously sometimes.

You have a hypothesis of a hidden intelligence contained within DNA. Views Read Edit View history.

This leads me to suspect that the cosmic serpent is narcissistic—or, at least, obsessed with its own reproduction, even in imagery. I like how he fearlessly points out the cultural biases and confirmation bias of the scientific method.

Serpent’s tale

Aug 04, Peter Baranovsky rated it did not like it. He has a second book titled: Intelligence comes from the Latin inter-legere, to choose between. The Quirishari believe that the plants they harvest often have symbolic shapes to help identify their uses, such as a plant used to counteract snake bites having fang-like structures on the leaves. Civilization rests on millennia of Neolithicscience. Using a narrative format, the book is also a story of Jeremy’s own process of self-atonement.

I read on, however, and the novel turned into a page-turning thriller. Ayahuasca, by the way, also grows in a serpentine shape. It brings together so many of the issues that serpnt me: Jul 24, Nadine May rated it really liked it Shelves: