Format of Code. Types of Code and Breakdown Levels. In consideration of the various requirements placed on the identification of plants, sections of plants and . Assignment of System Codes to Mechanical Equipment and Measuring Circuits. .. Brüter – Kernkraftwerkgesellschaft mbH • Siemens AG, Corporate Groups E. The Siemens Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS), abridged version, stations , KKS has three different types of code: Process-related code Process-related.

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Equipment Unit Identification In the process-related code which is the most important and mostly applied type of codes in every branch of engineering, the entire system is subdivided according cod the function or process. The numerical digits count and subdivide the unit e. EY – Conditioning of signals related to functional protection group of technical and electrical protection system of the unit.

Safety equipment, consisting of safety valves and their associated piping, are assigned to the system to which they are connected. QCG Central chemical siekens free for use e. Details of equipment unit numbering are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.

If the letters available are insufficient, FN may be used. Notation of Codes The code may be written with or without spacing but in such a way that it cannot be misinterpreted. A2 identifies control and instrumentation functions e. For example we can identify here: The direction of numbering is vertical from the lowermost floor upwards.


Such modifications are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.


Click here to sign up. Main machine sets common to L.

Contents of Data Characters I – 3. Process-Related Identification Process-related identification of systems and items of equipment according to their function in mechanical, civil, electrical and control and instrumentation engineering. Mechanical Supports Supports may be identified using the system code or the structure code. YB81 XB82 Auto; close, down Special guidelines apply to data characters G, F0 and A3.

Redundant zeros must be written. The prefix number is used in cases when for instance in compass of one power unit appear two or more identical subsystems two boiler plants, two turbosets, etc.

System One should remember, that the code of a system must consist of five symbols: However, such schemes may not have the effect of reserving numbers in other applications, not even within the same engineering discipline.

Numbering starts anew when one of the siemsns code elements changes. C — Direct measuring circuits Remember me on this computer. Steam system common to LA. The contents of this designation in KKS, is left for coordination for particular power plant. Feed water system Control and protection system for steam, LY. Originally the titles of the breakdown levels were based on the process-related code: Structure-related identification is expedient where different systems are held by shared supports.


D — Control systems Q — Auxiliary systems Gated analog signals representing physically similar direct measured variables are identified by means of a set number, e. Junction Boxes On breakdown kis 1, junction boxes receive the code of the structure and floor on which they are installed.

System numbering must consist of two digits.


Order according to voltage levels, counted from higher voltages to lower. Control and instrumentation equipment which serves more than one main group may be identified under main group C for control and instrumentation, e. AL According to cubicles, divisions, sections etc. Assignment of System Codes to Mechanical Equipment and Measuring Circuits Equipment units are identified according to the system within the interfaces of which they are located.

In this type of code, the breakdown level 2 contains equipment unit code.

Identification Samples CKA AK over a separate position code is to be established, e. This code unit can be siemwns with any breakdown level as necessary for identification.