So, I have a question about Liber Jugorum. I’m interested in the disciplines it recommends, but I’m skeptical about the actual technique. Namely. O. 0. Behold the Yoke upon the neck of the Oxen! Is it not thereby that the Field shall be ploughed? The Yoke is heavy but joineth together them. Behold the Yoke upon the neck of the. Oxen! Is it not thereby that the Field shall be ploughed? The Yoke is heavy, but joineth together them that are separate.

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Jugorum’s exercises make you pay attention to your own actions, remove what you’ve deemed unnecessary, map liiber and train yourself to be your own master. Thou shalt write down thy daily progress in these practices, until thou art perfectly vigilant kiber all times over the least thought that ariseth in thy brain. Their speech is littered with unnecessary refrains like “you know” or simpler “umm”, as well as with fixed expressions and points of view.

This exercise of gestures or motions helps to heighten awareness of your own body and to train it to act more according to your will. I hope this helps clarify for some.

A bracelet that gives the wearer a sharp electric shock! Thou shalt write down thy daily progress in these practices, until thou art perfectly vigilant at all times over the least action that slippeth from the least of thy fingers. Perhaps Jugorum works well for certain people, but based on my own personal constitution, I think it could have unintended side-effects. November 4, at 3: However, the exercises do help along the way. Anybody got any info regarding the symbolisim on which I was inquiring?

In addition to this, you should keep a diary on your exercise. Feareth not the Ox the Goad of the Ploughman? Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of 27 total. The target should be a word, letter or concept like “I” you are using constantly, maybe even too often. Each may last for a week or more.

Feareth not the Unicorn the claws and teeth of the Lion? The Yoke is heavy, but joineth together them that are separate Glory to Nuit and to Hadit, and to Him that hath given us the Symbol of the Rosy Cross! Man, rule thy Speech! Other methods I’ve heard or read about include a pocket-size gizmo which gives electric shocks which truly isn’t advisable!


Even though the changes would be small and even unnoticeable, in the long run the only one that really matters they can be remarkable.

So, I have a question about Liber Jugorum. Extending your consciousness to the smallest juvorum of your body fine tunes not only your mind, but also your body to be better in using magick. In Crowley’s example peson A is passionate, skilled in Qabalah, a vegetarian and “reactionary” politician. The most common form of punishment seems to be a rubber band around the wrist.

Techno Jugorum – Zero Equals Two!

Your email address will not be published. November 4, at 5: Certain stimuli trigger always the same kind of response, without thinking. For this matter 1 is not of Tiphereth without, but Tiphereth within. When you’re feeling puzzled, you may start running jugroum fingers through your hair. This is the quote from Remembering Aleister Crowley which a previous poster included, and which I assume occasioned your remarks:.

Techno Jugorum

The examples given in Liber III point your attention to ordinary everyday gestures and motions – the kind of which you don’t usually pay any attention to. Now these Beasts run wildly upon the earths and are not easily obedient to the Man. And these shalt thou yoke in a triple yoke that is governed by One Whip.

On each occasion that thou art betrayed into doing that thou art sworn to avoid, cut thyself sharply upon the wrist or forearm with a razor; even as thou shouldst beat a disobedient dog. The trick is to automate ones juvorum so that one does not act, speak, or think unless it is in accordance with ones juogrum will, and not remove unwanted items of them.

Tools of Control Earlier on, I mentioned the punishment you get from slipping. The Middle Pillar exercise has nothing to do with cutting yourself or cultivating discipline, per se. How else shalt thou master the Son, and answer the Magician at the right hand gateway of the Crown? Frightened, as someone pointed out, of saying the wrong thing, or making a mistake.


The most common alternate version is wearing a rubber band around your wrist and snaping it everything time you slip. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email liher will not be published.

Liber III vel Jugorum |

Jugorum, “book of the yoke” divides the fields to be trained into three beasts: I believe that this practice has helped me out a lot though.

Feareth not the Ox the Goad of the Ploughman? Feareth not the Horse the teeth of the Camel? In this way, the Unicorn water and the Horse fire are balanced in the middle path of the Vek air.

Razorblade as a punishment is very demanding and most people who do Jugorum exercises aren’t using it. And yes, go old-school — use razors! liebr

When you’re thinking, your fingers may fidget with your pen. In any case, you should reconstruct the thought patterns affecting speech and to really pay attention to what you are about to say or write, before the words get out of your mind.

References towards being wild and unruly can be interpreted as pointing out how “automated” people usually are in their day-to-day life. In the first form of this exercise, you’ll avoid a word you commonly use, for example “and”, “but” or “the”.

This kind of communication exercise is a useful tool for training, as language affects the mind, mind affects the reality, reality affects the language and vice versa. However, you can take to carrying a pen and drawing a line on your arm after each punishment.

You can use the horse-training part of Jugorum to train yourself out of addictions and other so called bad habits, but the results may be considerably weaker than using the same exercise for culling out automatic gestures for a week or more.

Is it not thereby that the Field shall be ploughed?