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No significant new features for last 4 years. Afficher le profil Comparer. I use the Canadian version of the software. It’s also a lot harder to find an accountant that works with Sage and actually knows what they’re doing.

Avis sur Sage 50cloud

Forget it, Sage 50 can’t do it properly and will cost you an incalculable amount in lost time and opportunity. In all, that’s iintegrale competitively priced.

Report function seems weak. I am able to see my inventory, fjletype prices and stock and give clients discounts and assurances that I can reliably trust in real time.

Changing the item ID results in changing entire system history Rev changes require creation of new ID and BOM update BOM changes are labor intensive BOM changes must occur individually and manually each time a part undergoes revision Variances are not allowed Cannot swap parts or revisions for a variance BOM, a complete new BOM must be created and all traveler paperwork reprinted When moving to a new revision, the old revision must remain in the BOM until consumed which results in Sage reporting the need to purchase the old revision instead of the new revision.


For all of us who stuck with Peach Tree from back in the day, our time has come.

It was great for that and for the everyday AP, payroll and GL. Within those 20 different departments, we were also able to track 7 different expense categories not accounts, groups of accounts. Simply HR Manager – Numerous limitations in the ‘Quantum’ version to prevent use by all but the smallest companies: It isn’t useful if you’re a service organization – you cannot track time, and expenses.

SAGE 50 is pretty easy to use and does have some neat features for the small to medium size company.

The subscription cost is almost nominal for the value it gives me. User Friendly Accounting Software. Canned reports are inadequate and can’t be customized. I like the flexibility that Sage has provided for report customization; there is no report format that Sage 50 cannot produce. Want to buy and resell products?

Peachtree makes it harder to go off track although you can certainly mess up your peachtree books as well. Have not inetgrale customer support but a few times and have found quite a long wait.

I like being able to modify reports at ease. You’ll have to get the latest version.

Exercices corriges d8e – Exercices corriges

Sage50 items do not link — a line on a PO, SO, Quote, etc cannot be clicked to bring up the item card. As a small business owner I can tell you the ability to have my accounts at my fingertips while I am on the go blows my mind. I have recently discovered Xero and moved my accounting practice to this software.


However, you will need some accounting background in order to fully utilities the product, that’s the only recent that I hold back the rating.

Inventory management features are very limited, pricing options are limited. Another thing I like about peachtree for me is that the fonts are bigger and they don’t try to put everything on one page. Virtually every report that a small business could need is available in Sage We use the reporting features of the software quite frequently and find them very valuable.

All in all, a much better product than I have used at other companies.

Intergovernmental Conference on the Global Compact for Migration

No way to report on Purchase Order vs invoice purchase amounts or pricing. Invoicing, accounts receivables and accounts payables is straightforward. They looked identical, so it was a real pain.

If it weren’t for the fact that some clients have been using this software for years and are reimbursing me integrae the cost of the software, I would not be using it.