View and Download LUX TX Series installation and operating instructions online. TX Series Thermostat pdf manual download. Thermostats such as the Lux , the Smart Temp , TX, Lux HP are functional energy saving tools, but when Follow these instructions to reprogram it to the schedule you want. My Lux TX E is locked – how do I unlock it?. Buy Lux TXE for the lowest price available online! Presenting the new Lux ® TXE, a programmable thermostat that allows users to easily Manuals (3).

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Do not turn electricity back on until work is completed. When finished, hang the top of the unit by the tabs at the top corners of the base, then snap the bottom of the unit into place. Fill wall opening with non-combustible insulation to prevent drafts manuual affecting the thermostat.

How do I change the battery? When the Keylock is activated, a padlock icon will be visible in the area above the clock as shown below.

Thermostats such as the Luxthe Smart TempTX, Lux HP are functional energy saving tools, but when the thermostat’s schedule gets out of sync you could find yourself shivering unnecessarily. The green is to get hot, and the red is to get cold. When they are all labeled, carefully remove the wires one at a time, making sure that they do not fall back inside the wall.

The thermostat should be. In the spring and fall or when the windows are open, you can set the switch OFF. Tips The above instructions were tested successfully using the Lux Attach the base to the wall with the two screws provided. Replace t500e and mark the date down somewhere, they will need to be replaced in about a manuao.


How to Program a Lux Thermostat: 9 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Hold the base against the wall. Implied warranties are limited in duration to one year from date of original purchase. To obtain the best. Do not install it where there are unusual heating conditions, such as: Press “Up” to change the date. This is true even in the event of a power failure, or if a reset button is pressed. If the body does not snap into place easily, remove the body, re-hang it from the tabs and try again.

Be careful not to drop the body or disturb electronic parts. This setting tells the thermostat about the type of heating and cooling equipment that it is controlling, so that the system is operated properly. When you are finished, press NEXT. Got it, continue to print. Route the wires through the hole below the terminal block. Do not install the unit until all construction work and painting has been completed. Follow these instructions to reprogram it to the schedule you want.

Remove the cover carefully, more than likely it snaps on at the bottom and hangs and pivots from two little fingers txx500e the top, pull out on the snaps at the bottom and it should lift off at the top.

When you are finished setting all four periods, you may continue pushing the NEXT button through all four periods to review your entries, or turn the dial to RUN if you are finished. You should see the mznual SET appear on the display, along with the clock and a day of the week that is flashing.


Wires must be trapped between the black clamps and the brass terminals as shown here. You can use these default programs or alter any portion of them to suit your own preferences. I changed batteries but the screen is still yx500e.

LUX TX500 Series Installation And Operating Instructions

To avoid electrical shock. What do I do if the thermostat goes back to the original temperature tx500ee I try to manually change it?

A larger swing number decreases the number of cycles per hour, but saves energy in most cases. Being careful not to overighten them, securely tighten all of the electrical terminal screws, including any unused ones. Press up on the button on bottom of thermostat and swing the body away from the base. Cookies make wikiHow better. When setting the program items, the value that is flashing is the item that you can change at that time.

Lux Products TXE manuals

You will begin with the start time of the MORN period, and use the same procedures that were performed while setting the Weekday Program periods, using the NEXT button to advance through the values. Repeat steps for the weekend schedule after turning the dial to “Set Weekend Program. A smaller swing number increases the number of cycles per hour, so the room temperature is more precise and constant.

On new installations, follow the guidelines listed below.