Mahatma I & II has 14 ratings and 1 review. Awaken and realize that all of mankind will create their body for Ascension, whether they accomplish this n. Grattan, Brian. What all of humankind has learned in the past about creation is the way that existence isn’t—a paradox. Awaken and realize that all of humankind. I am Brian, Brian Grattan, Hello it is my pleasure to be here with you. Most of you know me as the being that first grounded the Mahatma.

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Light Technology Publis’wng P. Box Flagstaff, AZ www. Mahatma II completes the circuitry of Mahatma I and allows humankind the wonderful opportunity to embody relative truth in a way that was not available before this time and place. My,particular appreciation goes to Danielle Pestalozzi, who not only translated Mahatma I into German, but allowed the doors of Switzerland to open in a profound and generous way.

Another great Co-Creator whom! These two great beings and others in Switzerland have allowed our1 energy to center in this beautiful country. An ironic side effect of locating in Zurich originally, before moving to Basel, was the amount of gold in storage there. Gold should flow and not be stored; but from our point of view of anchoring energy on Earth, nothing is more compatible with “spiritualizing energy” than gold.

Its energy vibrates at an extremely high rate in dense physicality, and so it can act upon the finer physical expressions through the absorption of its energy.

Thus it was not by chance that Switzerland was selected for the magnification of the Mahatma energy, as a new beginning in a new world.

The two teachers from your human Hierarchy who have stepped down 1 When “our” and “we” are used in the text, this refers to the comprehensive Oneness we overshadow – all levels of Self from Earth to Source. It takes many levels and condenses them, and I feel that that’s not bad.

In fact, for the purposes of this book, it’s quite representative. Refer to the diagram “The Seven Councils of Twelve,” p. Now, is all of mankind inextricably involved with the Co-Creator Council of Twelve? If you look at that as being the I AM Presence, and if you look at all manifested beings, both physical and nonphysical- what we call Creation.

Would that be true? Nothing manifested outside of that. So when one looks at their ultimate monadic condition, they have to reflect- mirrored from one of those Directors.

Because you are a part of the I AM Presence. Or is the fully manifested Soul really embodying this Planetary Government?

Mahatma I & II: The I Am the Presence by Brian Grattan

It is part of the structure that has formed the Logos. Sanat Kumara has used the energies of all of the Souls that will ever manifest, ever have, ever will, or are manifesting, to create the structure around this planet. I’m going to give you a figure that may blow you apart a little bit: Now, how much does that leave, Brian?

He laughs a little incredulously. Seventeen percent only that you’re working with- now, that’s why you identify with it so strongly. It must have been terrible then, because we’ve really come a long way. It might be interesting to start bringing some of that out; but the reason that you haven’t- and this can be part of our Electrical Day- is that you’ve reserved your chair. This is what we might call the fully manifested Co-Creator level, or the Co-Creator Council, as you are terming it.


This is the chair that you need to put it in, the Co-Creator Council of Twelve; but you still have it. It just means that you have a lot more potential to bring down. But as you do, it’s going to change the way you look at everything, because you will have more life force in manifestation than not in manifestation. This is why the close association with Source, because of the beliefs that say, “I must leave it here because that’s Who I Am. It wasn’t meant that you should leave it all here, in Source.

I’m not saying that one can’t leave a little energy there, but this is the package of energy of life force that is to evolve that Co-Creator level. And so you keep relating to, let’s call it, the fully developed Creator.

Because that’s where all of your energy is. It’s important, isn’t it? So you have to pull it into the process first, this step-by-step process, and then it will eventually circle around to where you want it.

You would like to have it in this Creator level, and it will be, I promise you that. But it has to go through the loop of the Co-Creator first.

That’s another way of looking at this, and perhaps it’s helpful. Vywamus, when we say that the average physical being will have approximately lives on as many as 20 planets, then that could be 50, lives. How many planets sustain the physical, or the Adam Kadmon body, in this universe? How many planets, approximately, in this Cosmic Day?

There are billions of them. That sustain the Adam Kadmon body? In this Cosmic Day? His throat chakra gets a little choked up at this point. So in this Cosmic Day Everything that is manifested, everything that is physical and nonphysical is a part of this Cosmic Day.

Anything that’s manifested will be pulled amhatma during the Cosmic Night to begin again then. And that constitutes this Source? That’s one day of this Source, one day of Its experience. It’s beyond the mind.

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Yes, of course it’s beyond the mind. But you see, it’s even more than that. That is why creative beings resonate so well with this New Age, where channeling iS the most viable means in dense physicality to be able to conup. Channeling has another value as well, in that briqn tendency has always been for mankind to worship and deify their teachers.

Even in this day and age of scientific skepticism, there is a flip side – that of blind devotion and those who are extolling the virtues of that type of faith. The danger here is that if all of a sudden a master or a number of masters or avatars appeared upon the planet with a new teaching, they would likely be met, on mahztma hand, with tremendous hostility; and on the other, group worship would develop around them by many who believed and followed.

We have seen this model developing over and over again. The teachers, including the Christed energy through Kuthumi and Maitreya, are doing everything in their respective power to avoid another limited belief structure coming into existence; that could only impede mankind’s personal geattan collective spiritual growth.

In other words, these energies manifesting on earth at this time do not wish to be worshipped or exalted, but to be treated with divine equality and to teach and convey their love, light, and higher teachings to those among you who are searching within Self for bfian spiritual heavens that reside within each and every one.

As we were saying about channeling, though, as a distinction from other means of physical manifestation- channeling as a source of teaching – one sees a possibility here of a universal teaching whfch is corroborated all over the world through thousands of different channels, the basic tenets of the teaching being the same.

Grartan of the’ variations occur from the backgrounds of the channels – from the grsttan geographic locations, religious backgrounds of rbian area, etc.

However, the basis of the teaching is the same; and this is, indeed, the foundation of what Djwhal once called the New World Religion. This New World Religion will be such a grassroots understanding that it will not need a figurehead; a figurehead may be sent, grattam it will not necessarily need that.


Ultimately, mzhatma understanding will be that the figurehead is simply an Elder Brother on the Path, not one to be placed on a pedestal or worshipped or treated in any sense of being as something other than what humanity already is.

Simply viewed, that being would be properly held as an example of what is possible. This is, of course, what Jesus and Maitreya attempted to do years ago, when the saying was, “Ye are gods,” and the masses said, “Yes, sure, we are gods, but we are still having trouble making ends meet and we can’t heal ourselves; we have mahatms limitations.

As the channeling process unfolds with more and more channels around the world, with information. Gdattan does not put the power onto “Jesus Christ” or Buddha or Mohammed or anyone else; It does not put the power onto the government or onto science to “fix my life”; it puts the power back into the individual- back into their own beingness, to create their own reality mahafma way they want it. Brrian it does is discourage the adulation of the form and allow for the acknowledgment and recognition of the spirit behind the forms.

When you have an entity such as ourself, Mahatma, channeling through a physical personality, then the physical being is certainly not one that you would wish to worship, although one may want to adore the consciousness!

Well, where is that consciousness? You would not be able to make a picture and hang it around your neck or put it up on the wall, although many have tried. Many have tried to do this with the various Masters – painted pictures and then worshipped the form. This is not the point; the point of this entire phase of the teaching is to bring the spirit of the teaching without the constrictions and the hindrances of the form, which has been brought through in the past.

There is a little clue for you, in terms of the physical reappearance of the Mahatna Mankind is more receptive than they were ten years ago The unfolding process has been quite astronomical. It is one mahatms is a geometric progression; it just mushrooms out. It is said that the amount of knowledge available to. This is rather phenomenal, considering how all gattan that knowledge gets integrated, or not integrated, as the case may be.

This is where the reservoir of consciousness needs to be expanded, as the intellect is getting to the point where it is becoming overburdened; as a tool, it is being overworked. It is not meant to handle everything; it is meant to be a tool for the conscious mind, but the conscious mind has been running away from its job. What we are doing mzhatma also working to help mankind and, beginning through individuals, to bring the parts of their personalities back together to the point where mzhatma only is the conscious mind in control again, but the soul is actually infused into it.

The entire process that you and others have been going through is a process of alignment, of unfolding, of briaan. By status, we mean the status brizn all of humanity as absolute sons of God, in the grattna sense of the term. No one fs thus greater than anyone else- all are of the same family, and it is si. When you make the choice to return to humanity as a Cosmic Avatar- as a being who has transcended and chooses to come back – then essentially you cannot come back and impose yourself upon unwilling people; there has to be a mutual interchange.

If they choose that they want and need Brian as a Cosmic Avatar, then Brian- or whatever name you choose to go by- will come back, if that is your choice as well.